Meanwhile, back on the subject of plastic

  Gordon Freeman 17:01 24 Apr 2018

Pondering the other day about how all this massive amount of plastic/garbage actually gets to the world's oceans - yes rivers - seems obvious as opposed to people lying on beaches around the world dumping plastic bottles etc.

But were you aware that 90% of all the plastic that reaches the world's oceans gets flushed through just 10 rivers?

Interesting article for those who might not have seen it already.


  wee eddie 18:10 24 Apr 2018

This shouldn't stop us doing what we can, but we may need to see what we can do to persuade those countries, through which these rivers flow, to take action

  roger.roger 18:30 24 Apr 2018

My local recycling centre { Lincolnshire } had a full size skip that took large plastic items. This has been replaced by two small bins that can just take plastics to the size of a 4 pint of milk carton. I had a 5litre water bottle and a 10 litre add blue container to be recycled and asked where they now go. Now all large plastics go in the landfill skip.

  Menzie 18:55 24 Apr 2018

They say that only a percentage of household plastics thrown out gets recycled.

Lots of it is now being dumped as waste.

These days more and more waste is happening. Supermarkets and manufacturers are over-packaging food. Electronics are being changed on an annual basis by some.

We have more electrical devices than ever and it seems that the drive made in the 90s to hold back has completely disappeared.

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