Mcdonald's threatning staff

  finerty 21:39 06 Apr 2013

Today Saturday the 6th of April I visited McDonald’s restaurant with two of my friends on Tottenham Court Road. My friends were from abroad. One of my friends wanted to ask a member of staff a question, initially he was being ignored so I said excuse me Sir to a manager and I did a gesture using all of my hand as come forward. I did not use a single finger rather the whole of my hand to gesture to him to let him know we wanted to speak with him. He comes over and verbally raised his voice in threatening manner that the gesture I used is insulting to his culture. He made indication what culture he represented or how the gesture actually affected his culture.

I come home only to find there is only if I finger wagged also know as the dog calling sign which I did not use but used the knuckle area of hand to gesture to come over and bending all of fingers t to touch the palm of my hand. It wasn’t’ that busy in the restaurant. As we were leaving the manager repeated his statement and his manager partner started to raise his voice almost shout.

I have always used this gesture for the last 40 years only to be told by very arrogant manager from McDonald’s something very constrict-dory .

My friends found the staff there very insulting and very rude even though he was accusing me of being rude. I did not raise my voice at him or provoke the staff in any way.

  Forum Editor 23:01 06 Apr 2013

These things happen - what exactly is your point?

  rdave13 23:52 06 Apr 2013

Time to not use 'hand' gestures unless you mean it.

In my humble opinion, hand gestures are for your pets, unless you mean a threatening gesture, like the 'come over' gesture with palm up and all fingers wiggling about.

Not done today as it is deemed a demeaning/threatening gesture.

So you should have stuck a two finger salute to the manager just to finnish off your rudness.

As you left, obviously... :)

  spuds 00:25 07 Apr 2013

Perhaps you should address your issue to McDonald's head office, and see what they say?.

Just lately there seems to be an increase on manager's or assistant's attitudes on how they serve the public. Two incidents this week that reach the media, was an assistant in a well known store apparently slapped a child because of a dropped bottle. Another was of a Downs Syndrome child being told to leave a cinema. In both cases, top management have now offered apologies.

Only the other week, I was at a checkout at a well known store, when the assistant made a till mistake when she was totalling up the bill, she then called a manager for help. On arrival the manager began to ball out the assistant in front of quite a number of people. I was forced to intervene and make a remark to the manager about their attitude. I am now thinking as to what as happened to that assistant.

  rdave13 00:37 07 Apr 2013

spuds, that is what is happening in all types of business'. No doubt the manager was right in the eyes of the shareholders.

We're fast going back to 'doff' our hats to bosses as work is thin on the ground for us labourers.

Still, unemployment benefit still available even though immigration is in full flow.

  Quickbeam 07:11 07 Apr 2013

They've got enough on their plates remembering the 'would you like large fries, large drink and have a nice day' mantra in the correct order without having an unscripted Captain Peacock action to deal with.

  michaelw 09:03 07 Apr 2013

I don't know what it is about that particular branch. I took my son there years ago and a young man was going around begging from diners. I told a member of staff who confronted the man instead of getting the manager to deal with it. He obviously asked the staff member who had complained and the idiot told him. So the next thing is I have to deal with a vagrant with challenging behaviour. It wasn't such an ordeal because I'm used to dealing with people with mental health problems, but it spoiled a lunchtime with my son.

  fourm member 09:35 07 Apr 2013

If 'It wasn’t’ that busy in the restaurant.' why did you need to gesture? Surely, you could just have spoken to him?

  Forum Editor 11:23 07 Apr 2013

"They've got enough on their plates"

Spend a few hours observing the clientele in the Tottenham Court Road branch and you'll realise just how much.

  Quickbeam 11:28 07 Apr 2013

I've always thought that the uniformity of the MacD image was as uniform as their clientele!

  Forum Editor 12:21 07 Apr 2013


By anyone's standards MacDonalds is an outstanding business success. The company has been operating since 1940, and currently serves around 55 million people a day. The restaurant in Pushkin square in Moscow serves over 40,000 people every day. I've been there several times,and it's quite a sight.

All kinds of people use MacDonalds, but the restaurants situated in busy tourist areas in big cities have a job on their hands. I've used the MacDonalds on the edge of red Square in Beijing and heard the staff conversing with customers in Mandarin, English, and French.

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