Maybe it's safe to go back in the WiFi water,

  Forum Editor 18:58 24 May 2007

click here

but then again, maybe it's not. Isn't life interesting?

  TalYasis 19:47 24 May 2007

I am very interested in finding out,if any,what Mr. Simon Jary's scientific credentials are.

One could say that it is Bad Science to categorise something as Bad Science when one cannot prove their own case by science.

What is the price of bread these days anyway?

  Totally-braindead 19:55 24 May 2007

Did you know that brushing your teeth can make your hair fall out? I have no evidence of it but they could do a program on it.

I always thought Panorama was a serious program which dealt with facts. Very disappointing, if this is the standard of programmes we can expect from them then theres no point in watching.

  Forum Editor 19:58 24 May 2007

Errrm..... I think Simon is referring to the BBC's own admission that "Unfortunately, the truth is that as things stand, there is no hard evidence regarding the effects of long-term exposure to Wi-Fi, which is why we made the programme."

They said that in response to viewers who wrote in complaining about the lack of hard evidence to back up the programme's findings.

You don't have to be a scientist to know that if there's no evidence then there's no need to prove anything - there's no evidence. I'm not a scientist, but I don't have to prove my own case that there are no alien visitors from outer space coming here regularly - because nobody can prove that they are; it's the same with WiFi.

  Totally-braindead 20:02 24 May 2007

Oh please FE don't mention flying saucers again as the " I believe in aliens " brigade will start up another conspiracy theory post again.
I'm so glad that we haven't had one for ages.

  Kate B 20:05 24 May 2007

I love conspiracy theories. Elvis is alive, Diana was murdered by Prince Philip and MI5 and 9/11 was all the work of the US government. Great stuff, hugely amusing.

  Totally-braindead 20:20 24 May 2007

Oh give me a break please. At least with the subject of this thread they both have some things in common, both have no evidence.

  oresome 20:31 24 May 2007

Maybe it's safe to go back in the WiFi water.

Maybe, maybe not. I'll know better in 50 years or so.

  Totally-braindead 20:34 24 May 2007

Exactly oresome, no one really knows.

  TalYasis 20:42 24 May 2007

I read in a recent journal that when the water in the human body is exposured to Wi-fi for long periods of time,while'st drinking large doses of coffe,then the water is converted into heavy water click here.

Quote "occurs naturally in regular water".

Could be research material for another ground breaking blog.

  VoG II 20:54 24 May 2007

It is a trifle dangerous to assert that "You don't have to be a scientist to know that if there's no evidence then there's no need to prove anything".

Of course anybody can form an opinion based upon the facts available to them or, perhaps, a single article or documentary. But a scientist who is an expert on the possible harmful effects of WiFi (in this example) will generally be better-placed to make an expert judgement. This would take into account biochemical plausibility as well as statistical probability. The layman (and that includes me as far as this topic is concerned) is not sufficiently informed to make such judgements objectively.

Of course, scientists can become so immersed in their own specialities that they lose track of reality - but that is perhaps a topic for another thread.

Whilst crawling round the M25 yesterday afternoon I listened to an interview on LBC radio with an expert from the University of Reading on this very subject. If my memory serves me correctly, he concluded that - yes - there is no evidence and it is biochemically unlikely. But he was equivocal in his answers.

Watch this space I guess.

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