May I suggest

  wee eddie 12:41 08 May 2011

that the Staff of PCA make a little Video, using a live screen, so that one can watch the mouse pointer doing it's bit, of someone using all the "New" Features of the Forum and the Post a Link to it, at the top of the page, after "View Forum Rules" and before "Contact Forum Editor"

Not only will this kill all these threads about "How do I do this or that" but also be a pleasant and informative way of introducing Newcomers to the Ins & Outs of using an On-Line Forum.

  Forum Editor 12:59 08 May 2011

It's a good suggestion, but we have already decided to produce a written guide, which you can print if you wish. It will be short and to the point, but will cover all the basics.

We had plenty of 'How do I do this or that threads' when we launched the previous version of the site, but they gradually died down, and that will happen with this version.

  wee eddie 16:27 08 May 2011

Your written Guide, could certainly be the Script. A sort of Layman's Guide to the Forum, both innovative and informative. Don't cram a lot in, just the Icons at the top and how to close a thread. Later, you could do a second, more advanced Guide, for the more experimental/advanced Punter, I mean User!

At it's simplest. A succession of screen captures with a Voice-over.

A more sophisticated form would be, the same Voice-over over a Screen while you watch a Mouse pointer doing the business. I think that even a pensioner like me could do that, given suitable software.

  AroundAgain 01:09 09 May 2011

I agree with Wee Eddie. I think it's an excellent suggestion. A 'visual', as he suggests, would be much more 'friendly' for new users. A written guide, with short bullet points would be a good support. A guide where you have to read lots of text isn't always that easy for some.

  Portal11 02:00 09 May 2011

i totally agree with Wee Eddie too! i often use youtube and search for videos on "How To" its more simple and it takes less effort plus its explained as its done! i more in depth Step by Step rather than just text...

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