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May constitute an offence - do they not know?

  Al94 15:52 20 Aug 2014

According to the BBC website "UK police investigating video of James Foley "killing" warn sharing or viewing it online may constitute an offence"

Without getting into a debate regarding this barbaric alleged murder - surely the UK police don't do themselves any credit with statements such as this? It either is or it isn't.

  bremner 16:08 20 Aug 2014

Have a read of this, which covers the downloading viewing of obscene material and you will see the section on possible defences. It is why such offences are always described as may be committing.

CPS Guidelines

  john bunyan 16:52 20 Aug 2014

This barbaric act surely means that all UK returnees after serving with IS can be charged with numerous offences including "joint enterprise" for murder, war crimes , and other offences specific to this situation.

I hope that someone who listens to this disgusting man will recognise his voice and name him to MI5.

  namtas 20:04 20 Aug 2014

I have not seen the article but I understand that what was put out by the Police was that anyone using this video to promote or instigate acts or violence or racial terrorism could be charged with committing a criminal offence.

  Forum Editor 06:44 21 Aug 2014

"surely the UK police don't do themselves any credit with statements such as this? It either is or it isn't."

Not really - it depends on the circumstances.

  BillSers 08:36 21 Aug 2014

It just goes to show how effective the Jihadist brain-washing is, and it's happening in our own back yard.

  wee eddie 12:33 21 Aug 2014

I'm sure that there have been fake links to this, and other, videos that open ones PC to Hackers.

I would be wary of downloading such a link from any but the most Trustworthy Site and I don't include Facebook and Twitter in that list of Trustworthy Sites.

  Forum Editor 08:18 22 Aug 2014


There are plenty of people who derive some sort of satisfaction from looking at gruesome sights. I spend a good deal of time on the motorways, and am used to the way that some people will slow down to stare across at an accident in the other carriageway. By doing so they risk causing another one themselves, but they don't have the brains to work that out.

I notice that the motorway police are now starting to use portable screens that prevent the rubberneckers from seeing anything.

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