May the 6th....

  DANZIG 23:47 05 Apr 2010
Locked apparently the big day.

Unfortunately, I'll be in Spain then. Is there any way I can vote?

  jakimo 23:56 05 Apr 2010
  Forum Editor 01:50 06 Apr 2010

Yes, you can apply to register as a postal voter.

  Monoux 07:16 06 Apr 2010

We were told to keep our Village Hall, which is used aa a polling station, free of bookings for that day approx 4 months ago.

  Brumas 09:16 06 Apr 2010

We too will be away on May 6th. We shall be driving from Gairloch to Rothesay as we will be on our holidays.

Forewarned is forearmed is my maxim, so I went to the official site click here where I was able to fill in my details on a postal application form and then print it. It even gave me the address to send it to, the whole process was so simple even I could do it :o))

  Bingalau 09:56 06 Apr 2010

I thought it was also posible to vote on t'internet?

  Forum Editor 10:06 06 Apr 2010

Not as far as I'm aware - it would be fraught with security issues. There have been trials with electronic voting in the UK, but there were serious concerns about the potential for vote-rigging, and I don't think those are near to being resolved at the moment.

  Scillonia 14:34 06 Apr 2010

Roll on May 7th

  ronalddonald 14:38 06 Apr 2010

apply for a vote by proxy, im sure if you go to your local council and tell them you want to do this. Or apply by post. I be voting for the no no party:)

  Cymro. 16:11 06 Apr 2010

As they used to say (and may still say) in Northern Ireland "vote early and vote often"

  TopCat® 18:35 06 Apr 2010

the scenes in Whithall, from now until just after the general election. It's a hive of industry at the moment according to this. TC. click here

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