Matthew Hedges Jailed For Spying

  Pine Man 12:53 23 Nov 2018

Whilst not condoning what the UAE have done to Matthew Hedges in imprisoning him to life for spying, I must confess that I am not entirely surprised and wonder at the naievety of some people going to these sorts of countries to research some of their practices and beliefs.

Given the UAEs religious background and the different factions and ethnicities that exist there I find it bizarre that someone needed to go, specifically, there to research their security strategy for a PhD thesis.

With the boot on the other foot you can't help wondering what would happen in this country if a Russian student was found in Salisbury looking at security strategies!

  qwbos 13:48 23 Nov 2018

If he'd done a little bit of research, he'd have found that the RAF are flying in and out of UAE all the time and there are close ties between the military of the two countries. Sandhurst's also popular with the middle east despots. So plenty of potential sources for research without putting himself at risk.

I would hope that a PhD student would also be savvy enough to know that " researching the impact of the Arab Spring on the country's foreign policy and security strategy" would draw more than a little attention to his activities.

Chances are he'll be released in exchange for a discount on some of the killing kit these countries are so keen on accumulating.

  Belatucadrus 15:30 23 Nov 2018

Still it's not as dense as John Allen Chau who decided to preach the word of god to the Sentinelese people, this despite the fact that it's illegal to go anywhere near them as they're renowned for their violent reaction to intruders, nobody speaks their language as it's a total stand alone tongue and there is a more than even chance if he had got near them he could have wiped them out as total isolation means they have no immunity to any number of western diseases. It's not as if their reaction would have been a surprise to him as they'd shot at him before.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:49 23 Nov 2018

John Allen Chau click here for those who don't know who he was.

  morddwyd 09:26 24 Nov 2018

Not a lot of sympathy.

If you go to a foreign land you can easily fall foul of their laws, even if such laws don't exist!

Effective habeas corpus does not exist in most countries of the world.

You pays, or more likely makes, your money and takes your choice.

  wee eddie 11:41 24 Nov 2018

I can't help thinking that for someone seeking a University Degree, MH displayed a remarkable lack of sense while doing Resear5ch in a Country that is known for its paranoia.

I am not saying that he deserves to be where he is, but I think that we need to sack the Head of MI5, or MI6, whichever Organisation was hoping to get a report from him

  john bunyan 19:05 24 Nov 2018

He was under the supervision of a Professor at Durham. No way would MI 6 send such an obvious person asking the type of questions he did. They would have a man in the Embassy under Diplomatic cover who would run locals.

Let’s hope he is given a pardon soon. I wonder if not, we should discourage visitors to UAE - too late to cancel F1 race

  oresome 19:16 24 Nov 2018

No way would MI 6 send such an obvious person asking the type of questions he did. They would have a man in the Embassy under Diplomatic cover who would run locals.

But that's the very reason why they would! Spying in plain sight seem so unlikely that it's doable.

  john bunyan 21:23 24 Nov 2018

His (natural) distress at his situation illustrates he was not an MI 6 agent. His academic history is well known and there was no gap in it for the training a professional would have had in resistance to interrogation and behaviour after capture.

Maybe he would have been asked for his views on return, but his PhD supervisor agreed his terms of reference, not the FO

report on his distress

  wee eddie 23:33 24 Nov 2018

Either that or he's a good actor

  Pine Man 12:12 25 Nov 2018

Looks like we have a similar view 'shoulda known better'.

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