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Mass shootings yet again in USA

  john bunyan 13:08 04 Aug 2019

Only 20 killed in US latest but one US mass shooting. So frequent they don’t rate a mention.

El Paso.

  wee eddie 13:33 04 Aug 2019

I find it unbelievable that Congress, and the Senate, are so indebted to the NRA that both Houses are unable to take, or even ban, Assault Rifles and Conversion kits off the Market.

And why American Society is unable to make the Owners of such items, social pariahs.

Single shot Hunting Guns are a different matter

  Quickbeam 13:46 04 Aug 2019

They're beyond redemption.

  john bunyan 15:03 04 Aug 2019

Trump tweets condolences but no hint of any form of gun control, even on folk with a mental history, nor any mention of reducing assault rifle ownership. The NRA have him and many US Senators and Congresspeople by the b*s. It will never change. If you read some of the replies on US tweets it is clear that the gun is worshipped like an idol by so many in the US

  Quickbeam 15:13 04 Aug 2019

It's strange that they could totally prohibit alcohol in the '20s, yet can't even bring themselves to openly talk about the control of arms sales.

  bremner 17:03 04 Aug 2019

On my first visit to US in 2001 we went food shopping in a Walmart on a Sunday. The beer display was concealed behind boarding and I was told that no beer could be sold on a Sunday. Further exploration in the store we came to the gun section where great business was being done selling hand guns and assault rifles.

During working visits in the following years I formed good friendship with a professional, respectable family orientated man. When discussing gun control he totally surprised me when he said, “they will only take my guns from my cold dead hands”

Gun ownership is so ingrained in US culture I doubt no number of massacres will bring a change.

  morddwyd 19:28 04 Aug 2019

It can surely be no surprise. !

Live by the gun is the American culture.

If you don't like the way someone is behaving, be they neighbour, townsfolk or another country you get a gun and remove them.

Like it or not, it is their culture, and all the reproaches and recriminations in the world will not stop them, any more than it will knife crime in London.

Culture change, if possible at all, takes many generations.

  BT 09:01 05 Aug 2019

There is an argument that the 2nd Amendment doesn't actually confer the 'Right to bear Arms' to individuals, rather that the phrase "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State", means exactly what it says, and nearly 270 years later really needs to be brought up to date.

  morddwyd 09:17 05 Aug 2019

That may be true, but the US constitution is none of our business.

The last time we tried ti interfere we got rather a bloody nose!

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