Marmite love it or hate it

  hssutton 11:10 20 Mar 2013

New Zealand. Crisis that became known across the country as "marmageddon".

I can't stand the smell, so I've never tasted it, but in downtown Wellington buyers are being restricted to just two jars. How do you rate it?

Marmite New Zealand

  Aitchbee 20:03 20 Mar 2013

I occasionally add a half-teaspoon of marmite to a very big pot of home-made chicken broth or 'ham-on-the-bone' soup, to give it a kick ... I always treat marmite with the same care as I would nitro-glycerine!

  morddwyd 20:04 20 Mar 2013

Makes a nice winter hot drink, like Oxo.

  sunnystaines 20:43 20 Mar 2013

never put butter on toast if using marmite or vegemite it goes on the toast on its own or with a little cruncy peanut butter added on top.

  Forum Editor 22:42 20 Mar 2013

Hot buttered toast with Marmite, freshly made strong coffee with two sugars - I'm in breakfast heaven. It must be white bread, by the way.

  BT 08:28 21 Mar 2013

Hot buttered toast with Marmite

Its the only way to eat it, with REAL butter. It just doesn't taste the same with any other butter replacement spread.

  spuds 09:36 21 Mar 2013

There doesn't appear to be many Royalist's on the forum, who have suggested that Prince Charles likes nothing more than a few slices of fried bread with a Marmite topping (perhaps another one of those wonderful secrets?).

Just seeing this thread, as reminded me that we purchased a jar of Marmite a few months ago, and we had forgotten all about it. So a rummage in the back of the food store, and yummy yummy.

  john bunyan 09:29 22 Mar 2013


Do you ever entertain visitors at breakfast, by any chance? (Maybe from the forum)

  Quickbeam 10:04 22 Mar 2013

There's a PCA Marmite breakfast club...?

  Quickbeam 10:07 22 Mar 2013

For the record, I had two slices of wholemeal toast. One with butter and honey, t'other with bitter marmalade only. Two cups of strong coffee, no sugar, only a fright of milk and the dog had a carrot.

Neither of us had Marmite...

  BT 12:33 22 Mar 2013

"...and the dog had a carrot."

Many years ago we had a dog that loved carrots, she would dig them up from the garden. She also loved cucumber, cabbage stalks and raw potato. Dog food - not keen on it at all. My mother would get cheap offal from the butcher and cook it for her.

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