Marmite love it or hate it

  hssutton 11:10 20 Mar 2013

New Zealand. Crisis that became known across the country as "marmageddon".

I can't stand the smell, so I've never tasted it, but in downtown Wellington buyers are being restricted to just two jars. How do you rate it?

Marmite New Zealand

  sunnystaines 16:28 20 Mar 2013

i now prefer vegemite easier to spread better taste

  Diemmess 18:15 20 Mar 2013

As a hungry adolescent during the war it was not rationed, so a welcome substitute for cheese in a savoury snack. I don't know how much salt there was in Marmite, mush too much perhaps, but with fresh toast it seemed very good at the time.

Mother made jam, and used sugar saved from our rations, so my brother and I did without in our tea and on any breakfast cereal.

The increased rations later pushed Marmite off the menu at home, but about 1953 I went with a group on a guided tour of the Bass Charrington brewery in Burton. The guide told me their surplus yeast was sold to Marmite for £15/ton. As I said I enjoyed the stuff at the time, but I don't think I've had any Marmite for 50 years.

  martd7 19:04 20 Mar 2013

Thats correct the marmite was made from left over yeast from brewing as it is today very interesting but still yuk

  The Old Mod 19:19 20 Mar 2013

Love it, every morning on toast.

  Aitchbee 20:03 20 Mar 2013

I occasionally add a half-teaspoon of marmite to a very big pot of home-made chicken broth or 'ham-on-the-bone' soup, to give it a kick ... I always treat marmite with the same care as I would nitro-glycerine!

  morddwyd 20:04 20 Mar 2013

Makes a nice winter hot drink, like Oxo.

  sunnystaines 20:43 20 Mar 2013

never put butter on toast if using marmite or vegemite it goes on the toast on its own or with a little cruncy peanut butter added on top.

  Forum Editor 22:42 20 Mar 2013

Hot buttered toast with Marmite, freshly made strong coffee with two sugars - I'm in breakfast heaven. It must be white bread, by the way.

  BT 08:28 21 Mar 2013

Hot buttered toast with Marmite

Its the only way to eat it, with REAL butter. It just doesn't taste the same with any other butter replacement spread.

  spuds 09:36 21 Mar 2013

There doesn't appear to be many Royalist's on the forum, who have suggested that Prince Charles likes nothing more than a few slices of fried bread with a Marmite topping (perhaps another one of those wonderful secrets?).

Just seeing this thread, as reminded me that we purchased a jar of Marmite a few months ago, and we had forgotten all about it. So a rummage in the back of the food store, and yummy yummy.

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