Marmite with Champagne!!!

  robgf 02:04 09 Feb 2008

I needed some more Marmite when I went shopping today and on the shelf was Marmite flavoured with Champagne.
It was quite a bit dearer than standard Marmite (which is pretty expensive already), so I didn't get any. And the combination of flavours doesn't sound very appetizing. The jar has a very nice label though.

click here

Has anyone tried it?

  rossgolf 02:14 09 Feb 2008

no chance mate

  Acx 02:18 09 Feb 2008

No. I love Marmite as it is - so from my point of view - why change it.

But then I'm unadventurous and a grumpy old git (that could be an answer your question).

I even hate the new Marmite in a squeezy bottle/tub, (which is the same but more expensive).

  €dstowe 07:04 09 Feb 2008

I've tried it - very nice indeed!

I bought some last week and I bought another two jars yesterday as it won't be around very long.

I note on the ingredient declaration, though, that the champagne content is only 0.3% and the special qualities of the product are given by "flavouring".

I also thought last year's anniversary (centenary?) special edition Guinness Marmite was good as well - that did contain a substantial proportion of Guinness yeast.

  Forum Editor 08:03 09 Feb 2008

but I didn't like the champagne-flavoured variety.

I tend not to like these variations on a theme - can't stand all those cheeses with herbs/fruit/whatever added to them, or any of the different flavoured Cokes that appear from time to time.

  BT 08:24 09 Feb 2008

There's a lot of this trying variations on the original going on.

The original Soreen Malt Bread is another one. They have brought out 2 new ones, both of which are not a patch on the old original. I can't even remember what they are called, but having tried them I won't be buying them again.

I agree about the cheeses, they just don't do anything to improve them by adding all the extras. I don't mind some of the Coke flavours though.

  Marko797 08:27 09 Feb 2008

cheese which was available recently in either Tesco or Asda was superb!

  Bingalau 10:09 09 Feb 2008

Marmite with Champagne should go down well with those hedghog flavoured crisps. YYukk...

  SB23 12:24 09 Feb 2008

I'm afraid I don't like Champagne, but why they would think about putting the two together and spoiling a perfectly good jar of Marmite beats me.

  Earthsea 12:55 09 Feb 2008

I prefer champagne with scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast.

Incidentally, as much as I like Marmite there's no way I'd fancy a snog with someone who'd just eaten it. Hardly the ideal Valentine gift.

  Forum Editor 13:03 09 Feb 2008


To stimulate sales. If you have a business that relies more or less on one product, and that product has been successful in creating its own niche market, the day will come when you hit a sales ceiling - all the people that want what you make are already buying it, and you can't make them buy more. What you have to do is find ways of expanding the existing consumer-base - like Guinness has recently tried to do with its 'appeal to the young, discerning consumer' ad campaigns.

Designer cheeses, different flavoured Cokes, and now 'designer' Marmites are all examples of this marketing strategy in action. Nobody's going to buy champagne-flavoured Marmite for the rest of time, but if you say that it's a time-limited, 'special edition' you'll probably find that the product will fly off the shelves, as everyone wants to say 'I tried it'. Sales will climb for a while, and you can start thinking about the next special edition. If you're very, very lucky you'll hit on something that is so well-received you can keep it going ad-infinitum. Cheese and Onion crisps are a classic example of that happening.

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