Marmite Ban

  laurie53 06:19 10 Oct 2008

Is there no end to man's iniquity?

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  wiz-king 06:36 10 Oct 2008

Well some may like it so much that they put a whole jar on a slice! Balanced out by those that hate it I would think.

  BT 07:51 10 Oct 2008

I had this discussion with the Diabetes nurse last time I saw her.
Sure Marmite has a high level of salt 9.8g per 100g, but as you use about 2g for the average serving on a slice of toast, that's just 0.196g, hardly pushing your daily maximum salt intake. To put this into perspective a good pinch of salt weighs about 0.6g

  GRIDD 09:16 10 Oct 2008

"One mother said: "It is the nanny state gone too far - generations of my family have grown up on Marmite."

She's complaing about the 'nanny state' when in fact her abilities as a provider can be called into question..... Easy resolution: Make your children breakfast at home and do not rely on the state to feed them. Crikey talk about biting the hand that feeds them.

  J B 09:17 10 Oct 2008

Marmite has been around since 1902 so it can't be all that bad. These people need to get a life. J.B.

  €dstowe 09:27 10 Oct 2008

There is also mentioned in the report low sugar marmalade or jam and low fat polyunsaturated spread.

All they need now is low carbohydrate bread for the toast and the breakfast club may as well serve fresh air but then, oxygen and carbon dioxide can be toxic and nitrogen is an asphyxiant.

  lofty29 09:39 10 Oct 2008

There is a truth that whatever someone enjoys someone else will want to ban.

  peter99co 09:47 10 Oct 2008

The Nanny State comment is more accurate than the assessment of the amount of salt

  Covergirl 12:57 10 Oct 2008

'sake !

Third of a pint of milk and the tuck shop in my day.

  Cymro. 13:10 10 Oct 2008

Either Marmite has too much salt or it hasn't.
Medical opinion suggests that it has so why feed it to our children? We are preached to often enough about healthy eating and there is a direct link between too much salt and certain illnesses.

I would have thought it only right for local authorities to take Marmite off the menu. It is not a case of "nanny state" just good sense to eat healthily. If it improves the health of our children then I for one think they can manage well enough without their Marmite.

  Jak_1 13:31 10 Oct 2008

Why don't we just ban living, then all these numpty groups, who's desire it is to dictate what we can or cannot do, would get their whish.

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