Marks & Spencers scam

  The Brigadier 10:53 06 Jun 2007

Anyone know or been sent anything on this M&S and persimmon homes email scam doing the rounds?
You send 8 email adresses and you get ££££.

I keep getting sent theses from people who are to gulable to realise it's a scam!

  charmingman 11:11 06 Jun 2007

i got one from Ebay yesterday which is a normal area for scammers as we all know but what striked me is that it was addressed from ebay in the "from" email but it had major spelling mistakes & the overall nature of the text was wrong...i wonder why..??

  lisa02 11:14 06 Jun 2007

The title of the thread is a bit misleading.

It of course has nothing to do with Marks and Spencer at all.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:47 06 Jun 2007

Anyone falling for this obviously idiotic email has not really progressed as evolution intended.


  Z1100 12:38 06 Jun 2007

You really do speak without thinking and without helping some times.

I wonder what you were like when you were learning any new technologies in your younger days. Maybe even you got caught with a 'mail shot' landing on your carpet that invited you to be taken advantage of before you learnt not to trust every thing. I think I would be keen to see how you cope in your latter days too.

I don't get scammed because I have learnt not to trust everything. However the scams are a lot more sophisticated today, sometimes the copy is equal to the original. Other times a lest experienced user believes what they see for any number of reasons, including haste.

If the scams and spams are worth millions of dollars as we so frequently get advised, then I am sure there are enough people out there with a computer that have no idea that a site like this on exists never mind the fact that they could get help here.

I prefer to be pro-active but sometimes I have to be re-active because a 'new scam on the block' arrives.

My point is, if you do not want to be helpful, at least be supportive.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:15 06 Jun 2007

'However the scams are a lot more sophisticated today'...oh puhleeeze, this 'scam' is too obvious for words and relys on greed not sophistication.

I am afraid that you are totally wrong in your wild assumptions. If anyone actually used one small portion of their brain cells they would see that this email is just not possible and why would anyone pay for email address at such a high rate. I suppose that you could also be an apologist for those hapless individuals that fall for Nigerian Scams even though, if they were true, they would be committing an illegal act. This is NOTHING to do with computer skills but to do with avarice and greed. I would suggest that you try to stop blaming it all on lack of computer skills

In life there are apologists and realists. I prefer the common sense camp. If this was anyhting to do with being computer literate I would be supportive but I find it impossible to support greed and downright stupidity.


  Slim Shady 15:06 06 Jun 2007

Got to agree with GANDALF <|:-)>

A co-worker sent this M&S e-mail round earlier today. I'll ask him in 2 weeks if he had his vouchers or not. He still thinks he'll get them even though I showed him the Persimmons homes site that states it's a hoax.

Some people are beyond help.

  The Brigadier 15:50 06 Jun 2007

Sorry since Monday's little scare my brain seems to have left me at times.

  Stuartli 19:42 06 Jun 2007

Haven't you seen the latest M and S advertisements?

It has a five year plan to maximise all areas of its operation with regard to recycling.

Some of its "supporters" seem intent on the plan including spam e-mails...:-)

  Monoux 20:22 06 Jun 2007
  lisa02 16:52 07 Jun 2007

It's quite ambitious stuarlti click here and nothing to do with spam.

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