Mark on composite resin sink?

  Becki Vieira 22:32 07 Oct 2018

Hi guys,

My composite resin sink has developed a mark/stain on the draining board area. If I can work out how I will attach some photos. It feels sticky almost but try as I might does not come off with cleaning. It has had eco friendly gentle cleaners used on it and the rest of the sink is absolutely fine, cleaning products are in spray bottles and this looks like something has spilled on it not been sprayed.

Firstly, does anyone know what could have caused this so I can avoid it. Could it have been hot oil spilled after cooking? And secondly any ideas how to remove it?

  0106rainbow 00:02 08 Oct 2018

Have you tried Bar Keeper’s Friend? Comes in a cream or powder. My daughter has worktops that stain if you so much as look at them and she swears by it.

  Quickbeam 06:43 08 Oct 2018

Composite sinks are very resistant to anything very got, I wouldn't expect that to be the problem.

My constant battle is with lime scale stains from hard water.

  Becki Vieira 07:36 08 Oct 2018


Not sure if that will work? href [click here

  Becki Vieira 07:48 08 Oct 2018

this should be an image if it works,

click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:15 08 Oct 2018

Becki click not the answer on you r post above as it looks as if your problem is solved..

Could you have spilt cooking oil on it?

Sure we have had a similar thread about rein sink stains on the forum before.

  Aitchbee 15:27 08 Oct 2018

Quickbeam was cleaning his sink last year.

click here

  Becki Vieira 17:14 08 Oct 2018

Tried to mark them as not the answer but when i change one to not the answer, another one changes to the answer and it won’t let me turn them all to not the answer, maybe because I’m on my phone.

I wondered if it was cooking oil but the sinks are supposed to be very heat resistant. I’ve scrubbed it to death and there is no improvement. So frustrating as te rest of the sink is immaculate and looks like new!

  Quickbeam 17:24 08 Oct 2018

'Quickbeam was cleaning his sink last year.'

I think I should maybe clean it again this year...

  Aitchbee 17:40 08 Oct 2018

Quickbeam - I'm glad I reminded you.

Becki, have you tried a steam clean with one of those hand-held devices?

  Becki Vieira 17:47 08 Oct 2018

No I haven’t tried a steam cleaner! Maybe that should be next!

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