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Many thousands of Londoners have had their fill

  Forum Editor 13:54 19 Apr 2019

of this. but in an interview, one of the organisers said that they 'were left with no other option' when their previous protest failed to achieve its objective. Surely, another option would be to engage people in debate, or march peacefully, or capaign on the internet - anything but deliberately setting out to disrupt your fellow citizens' lives day after day.

All of us are being affected by climate change, and its impact is going to increase. I doubt that many people - apart from Donald Trump and his sycophants - can seriously continue to claim that there isn't a problem but...

Are these protesters justified in blocking a big city's streets for days, and announcing that they intend to 'paralyse' Heathrow airport in an attempt to browbeat the government into action? Does anyone have the 'right' to behave as if his /her viewpoint is the right one, and we must all be intimidated into accepting it without debate?

I'm amazed that so may demonstrators can afford to take such a lot of time off work to dance the days and nights away, with not much other than the occasional trip in the back of a Police van or vandalising a building or two by way of diversion.

Who said where are those water cannons?

  Quickbeam 06:58 22 Apr 2019

To be honest I don't think that we're actually doing too badly. We have identified where we're going wrong, and where we need to make changes, which as you pointed out will hurt someone somewhere or another. But in 1974 when I got my first car, I would never have imagined that I'd witness the iminent demise of the internal combustion engine.

Being green minded in '74 was to make sure the separate ring pull on a can got binned, in '84 it was to stop using deodorants and burger boxes containing CFCs, in the 90s we started doing international agreements, in the new millennium we started having international treaties with obligation targets. We're moving in the right direction

These protesters seem to think that we've only just discovered all the environmental harm since Attenborough's plastic in the oceans shocker, and that we can reverse things in a day.

Environmental recovery has been a slow work in process, and will continue to be over the next few centuries, which scaled into the 46 years analogy, will be a couple of minutes. The scale that these naive protesters seem to want is in the blink of an eye...

  amonra9 13:27 22 Apr 2019

I have just come back from France and went through Paris a few times. I wonder if we could import the CRS police force for a a short while to sort out the sitting demonstrators ? They don't waste time talking nicely to sit-downers, either you obey the law and MOVE, or you are flung into a nearby wagon with no respect for age or dignity. They are not well liked in France, but they get the job done and worry about the consequences later.

  LastChip 09:59 23 Apr 2019

"Ask yourself this , how would you feel if you went on the holiday of a life time on a tour of say Japan , a long way off and very expensive and when you get their all the must see places are off limits because the countries student population is doing a mass protest about something that matters."

Just be thankful you're not in Sri Lanka.

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