Many thousands of Londoners have had their fill

  Forum Editor 13:54 19 Apr 2019

of this. but in an interview, one of the organisers said that they 'were left with no other option' when their previous protest failed to achieve its objective. Surely, another option would be to engage people in debate, or march peacefully, or capaign on the internet - anything but deliberately setting out to disrupt your fellow citizens' lives day after day.

All of us are being affected by climate change, and its impact is going to increase. I doubt that many people - apart from Donald Trump and his sycophants - can seriously continue to claim that there isn't a problem but...

Are these protesters justified in blocking a big city's streets for days, and announcing that they intend to 'paralyse' Heathrow airport in an attempt to browbeat the government into action? Does anyone have the 'right' to behave as if his /her viewpoint is the right one, and we must all be intimidated into accepting it without debate?

I'm amazed that so may demonstrators can afford to take such a lot of time off work to dance the days and nights away, with not much other than the occasional trip in the back of a Police van or vandalising a building or two by way of diversion.

Who said where are those water cannons?

  x13 01:22 21 Apr 2019

Personally I believe in the right to peacefully protest. If it caused disturbances to local commerce then I believe the Police should arrest the protesters. However, in custody, they should be inerviewed on their own way of life, such as fuel and plastic usage, their commitments to recycling, filmed, and then the clips uploaded to You Tube under a special Police licenced channel so the whole country can see what true hypocrites they trully are. If they are whiter than white that would even further their cause - but I doubt that not one of them are. The threat of public humiliation might make them think twice about their own standards and the way they protest. Why not use technology in this way?

  alanrwood 09:32 21 Apr 2019

These people are acting as if they are the only ones who realise how serious climate change is.

Yes, but they are the only ones prepared to try and do something about it unlike the rest of us who just moan that the government should do something and then forget about it.

  john bunyan 09:41 21 Apr 2019

The best way of cutting pollution is a huge effort on birth control, world wide. In my lifetime the world population has trebled. Somehow, target population to what a country can sustain; I believe U.K. about 40 million, then plan how to achieve it by birth control etc. All other efforts are fruitless if we go on with this level of growth

  Quickbeam 10:00 21 Apr 2019

"...a huge effort on birth control"

I've been saying for ages that the great taboo that faces us is population control. We can't expand at our present rate indefinitely.

If you add up all the people that were killed in 2 world wars, all the people killed by global disease pandemics, all the people killed by starvation, all the people killed by various dictators that became an inconvenience to be looked after, all in the 20th century, and allow that all those people would have had 3 children on average every generation, it's obvious that the biggest threat to humankind, is our own success over the last few centuries in which we've managed to control the environment to suit our own ends.

Those protesters do have a very valid point, but once the sympathies go on account of their persistence to inconvenience, their message becomes lost.

  Forum Editor 10:24 21 Apr 2019

"Yes, but they are the only ones prepared to try and do something about it unlike the rest of us who just moan that the government should do something and then forget about it."

Actually, these people are moaning that the government should do something, but they are doing it in a way that seriously disrupts other peoples' lives. As far as I can see, they are not attempting to explain how it could all be done, and where the money is going to come from to do it. Far from just moaning, the rest of us - or at least lots of us may be doing something in different ways. Just getting quietly on with it, which in the end is the only way that things will improve.

Whatever governments are bullied into doing, in the end it will always be down to us, the ordinary citizens who will have to modify our lifestyles. Activists blocking streets get lots of publicity, but they are not going to bring about seismic changes in the way we all live, any more than people like Emma Thompson boasting about using wooden knives and forks, and being wealthy enough to build renewable energy plants at their Scottish homes will do it. This isn't about trumpeting your climate change credentials from pink boats, it's about all of us seeing a problem and dealing with it as best we can.

We will do it - most of us, anyway and we'll do it by listening to informed experts - like David Attenborough - who are clever enough to know that calm, convincing advocacy beats strident 'we're greener than you' rent-a-mob demos every time.

  Pine Man 10:39 21 Apr 2019

The Leader of the 'Extinction Rebels' drives a - guess what?

Diesel car!!!!!

  x123 13:21 21 Apr 2019

The best way of cutting pollution is a huge effort on birth control,

that may be so but the government want more children, to fund OAP pensions and care in the form of future taxation.

  Quickbeam 15:30 21 Apr 2019

Food for thought...

  Forum Editor 15:56 21 Apr 2019


Using the same proportionality, if we crack on with it we can replant those forests in 1 minute.

The thing is, we really don't need to replace the trees, they can reproduce themselves. What we need to do is first to halt deforestation and then return the land we have cleared to the forests - they'll do the rest, as will the animals who are in decline.

It's all pretty simple, until you start thinking about how it could be done. What are you going to tell all those Palm oil farmers and the people who work for them when they lose their livelihoods, and can't feed their children? In many countries there are no welfare systems to act as a safety net. If you can't generate any income there's a good chance you will starve.

Changes on a global scale must be driven by the rich countries - we are one of those. Each one of us is going to have to understand that arresting global warming means some pretty serious decisions in terms of our own lifestyles. If we, the rich countries want to see rain-forests regenerating we must first decide how we are going to help those Palm oil farmers,once we start reducing global demand for what they produce.

Palm oil is just one of many instances of how we are contributing to the conditions we see happening. We have created a gigantic problem, and we must create gigantic solutions. The sooner we all start the better, but how do you get all those Co2 polluters to stop doing it, or at least stop doing it on such a huge scale?

Answer that, and you'll go down in history as the modern saviour of countless species, quite apart from our own.

  Ex plorer 16:18 21 Apr 2019

I watched a David Attenborough program last night, very scary indeed on the effects of climate change. Protesting in London is having an affect as it's had a wide coverage in the media, we are talking about it and on line in many forums.

What they need to do is ask what can be done, how can we save our planet. We need a TV program running once or twice weekly on how to achieve it, and change our life style.

How that can be done or where the money will come from I have no idea, There must be experts, in this field that can try and get the ball rolling. I need advise like everyone else and guidance on what makes a difference when buying products. it may take a year or so but now's the time to get organised.

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