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Many thousands of Londoners have had their fill

  Forum Editor 13:54 19 Apr 2019

of this. but in an interview, one of the organisers said that they 'were left with no other option' when their previous protest failed to achieve its objective. Surely, another option would be to engage people in debate, or march peacefully, or capaign on the internet - anything but deliberately setting out to disrupt your fellow citizens' lives day after day.

All of us are being affected by climate change, and its impact is going to increase. I doubt that many people - apart from Donald Trump and his sycophants - can seriously continue to claim that there isn't a problem but...

Are these protesters justified in blocking a big city's streets for days, and announcing that they intend to 'paralyse' Heathrow airport in an attempt to browbeat the government into action? Does anyone have the 'right' to behave as if his /her viewpoint is the right one, and we must all be intimidated into accepting it without debate?

I'm amazed that so may demonstrators can afford to take such a lot of time off work to dance the days and nights away, with not much other than the occasional trip in the back of a Police van or vandalising a building or two by way of diversion.

Who said where are those water cannons?

  Pine Man 13:58 19 Apr 2019

Emma Thomson, reportedly, flew 5400 miles to take part!!!!!!!!!

  Menzie 14:21 19 Apr 2019

This is one of those "cool" high profile demonstrations. There are issues in society nobody ever discusses that aren't spoken about and only the thousands going through the issue and the horrific reality know about it.

Unfortunately going to this length is the only way that anyone notices. When folks feel like they aren't being listened to or heard, more direct approaches like this or even riots happen.

As for if this course of action is justified; no it isn't in my opinion.

  Forum Editor 15:13 19 Apr 2019

There are demonstrations in other cities.

In Paris, the Police are using pepper spray to disperse sit-down demonstrators.

In London, demonstrators are offering Sun-cream to police officers, and Emma Thompson has been making a speech from a pink boat. Les anglais, ils sont fous!

I'm flying out of Heathrow on Tuesday - I hope there are no pink boats or rainbow-coloured knitted hats in sight.

  rickf 15:33 19 Apr 2019

Well, it made its way here and other media. LBC was talking about it late last night. At the very least it brings the topic out into the open. We should care if not for us but for future generations. Politicians just pay lip service to the issue. If only there started taking notice in the 80's this could have been a gradual process. Now drastic measures are needed which make it even more difficult to bear but has to be done.

  Pine Man 15:57 19 Apr 2019

Laudable though the cause may be BUT most of those there are hypocrites.

They have all travelled considerable distances to get there, most, no doubt, in petrol and diesel vehicles.

They have actually increased CO2 emmissions resulting from the traffic jams they have caused and, take a look at the photos and marvel at all of the plastic bottles they are using and the mess they leave behind.

  Belatucadrus 17:00 19 Apr 2019

The ones that glue themselves to objects clearly expect somebody else to release them, presumably at their own cost. Now I'm a cynical old sod but I'd just say " sorry mate, not my problem " then glue down the rest of them so that they were less of an obstruction and see how they like being stuck to the top of a tube train for a week or so..

  Menzie 18:14 19 Apr 2019

Belatucadrus - Doing things your way in this day and age would tie up the courts in many a lawsuit.

Remember the current version of the world is where one will sue for spilling coffee on themselves because it is too hot. Or sue for something like this.

  Belatucadrus 18:24 19 Apr 2019

Surely ungluing them is an infringement of their civil liberties, better to leave them to exercise their right to protest and send a nice letter of sympathy if or when they get squished ?

Either that or wait until they formally request help and tell them cash up front for solvents and compensation for any and all inconvenience caused to people affected.

  Forum Editor 18:31 19 Apr 2019

Where are those water cannons?

  Belatucadrus 18:36 19 Apr 2019

Where are those water cannons?

Sadiq Khan sold them at a massive loss,

Click here

Why is nobody surprised ?

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