Many more car assists mandatory from 2014, courtesy of the EU

  TopCat® 21:38 08 Nov 2012

Talk about the speaking clock and the satnavs! :) Seriously though, I expect some 'assists' will be of help to some drivers. For myself, then I'm afraid I'd be soon looking for the main cut off button in order to retain my sanity. :)

Are we all sitting comfortably? Then here comes the story

  namtas 21:57 08 Nov 2012

I don't have a problem with any of these, my car has the gear change indicator fitted and surprisingly it does act as a welcome monitor when you glance and get the reminder, especially useful on gradients. I don't believe that all motorists check their tyres as regular as they should, I regularly see drivers with very low and even flat tyres totally unaware.

  Pine Man 08:27 09 Nov 2012

My Golf has all off these and the tyre pressure warning is brilliant. Even though I have been driving for around 50 years I still occasionally leave my car in too lower a gear by mistake as you cannot hear the engine at all and the gear change indicator is a very useful reminder.

Can't see any problem at all with these proposals.

  Pine Man 08:59 09 Nov 2012

I think a speed limiter (10mph) for any car with a light missing at night would be useful.

Picture the scene - it's pitch black on a motorway and a car with defective lights is struggling along at 10 mph whilst being caught up and, hopefully, overtaken by traffic travelling at least 8 times faster. Nooooo!

  Quickbeam 09:07 09 Nov 2012

Roll on the day when all we have to do is program in the destination and the auto drive function gives you a gentle pinging to awaken you at your destination feeling fully refreshed...

  carver 09:17 09 Nov 2012

All I can say is God HELP US if any body needs some thing to remind them to change gear, put some people in a car with an arrow that flashes and they would just think it's part of the sat nav they are so thick.

  Quickbeam 09:17 09 Nov 2012

One thing that is technically feasible is the ability to implement a maximum vehicle speed limit via GPS location and tamperproof vehicle software mapping.

I do believe that this will happen in my lifetime and is certainly more likely to come about than any kind of gun control is in the USA.

  Quickbeam 09:19 09 Nov 2012

...but then, I suppose that finding intelligent life on Mars is more likely than that too.

  carver 09:23 09 Nov 2012

The last thing you want is for your speed to be limited by some thing that doesn't know what you are doing, not the best way to get killed.

  oresome 09:32 09 Nov 2012

The problems start to occur in a few years for those that run older cars.

The warning devices will become part of the MOT and it will be economically unviable to maintain many vehicles when a fault develops.

You might be inclined to check the tyre pressures manually one per week, but if the automated tyre pressure gizzmo fails at a repair cost of several hundred pounds it might be a case of scrapping the car.

  morddwyd 09:38 09 Nov 2012

"this reduces the chance of blowouts "

I can't remember the last time I heard of a blowout under normal circumstances.

Obviously damaged tyres or "down to the canvas" tyres will blow, but tyre pressure monitors are not going to stop such things, or the people that drive them.

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