MAN's new curvacious truck design for better road safety,

  TopCat® 13:22 04 Jul 2013

especially for cyclists. The whole aerodynamic exterior concept has been designed in their wind tunnel and the resulting vehicle looks very futuristic, that's for sure.

No mention yet of its price but good annual savings should be made on the running costs. I wonder what WTM's opinion is on this truck? TC.

  wiz-king 14:25 04 Jul 2013

Will be a awkward thing to drive in town as it will be longer, unless it is all wheel steering.

  Quickbeam 14:49 04 Jul 2013

Those indicator stalks won't last long in use!

  Nontek 14:58 04 Jul 2013

They are not just indicator stalks, they are also the in-built rear-view cameras replacing external mirrors!

  Quickbeam 15:03 04 Jul 2013

Renault had a Magnum with that idea a decade ago, the industry found them too expensive to replace every month!

  Ex plorer 15:05 04 Jul 2013

Wonder if those covered in wheels will reduce spray or if its more likely to blow over in side winds.

  WhiteTruckMan 20:28 04 Jul 2013

Many years ago mercedes trialled something along these lines. I was fortunate - if thats the correct choice of word - to sit in it at a show in frankfurt. I sat in it for about 30 seconds then climbed out and told the demonstrators that I never wanted to ever drive a truck with the drivers seat in the middla as this MAN seems to have. The reduction in visability when maneuvering is appalling, and no amount of additional mirrors and blind spot cameras can compensate. Added to that is the fact that every reversing maneuver is a 'blind side' reverse no matter which way you go and you have a recipe for an accident thats not too fussy about it's choice of where to happen.

The aerodynamics look interesting and I could quite easily envisage some of these being used by larger fleets as publicity showcases, but trucks lead a hard life. Fiberglass gets damaged, and rather than have a very expensive replacement or repair they are usually removed.

No, like all those exciting concept vehicles you see at motor shows, I think this will quietly slip away.


  SparkyJack 22:55 04 Jul 2013

Some years ago the refuse trucks in this area were Dennis, they too had centre druver and a crew bench behind- they lasted about a year, and were replaced with RHD as per normal. But the emphasis is this type situation is always it seems to me to be approached from the wrong direction. You cant make a road vehicle idiot cyclist/pedestrian proof.

just plain common sense on the part of thw cyclist is all that is needed. See a truck and keep clear. Simplz

  Mr Mistoffelees 23:08 04 Jul 2013

"just plain common sense on the part of thw cyclist is all that is needed. See a truck and keep clear. Simplz"

So you think all accidents involving cyclists and lorries are caused by the cyclist, do you?

  Quickbeam 23:26 04 Jul 2013

I would say so bassed on observation.

  SparkyJack 07:22 05 Jul 2013


You are both looking in one direction. Look both ways

Ineither thought or omplied the cause of any inident.

Simply that if I were a cyclist I would assume the a position of self preservation.

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