Mandelson to return to government

  peter99co 10:54 03 Oct 2008

Well, Well here he is again!

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  sunny staines 10:59 03 Oct 2008

must have 9 lives

  interzone55 11:18 03 Oct 2008

Mandy must know some big secrets for him to keep getting jobs...

  peter99co 12:14 03 Oct 2008
  Quickbeam 12:15 03 Oct 2008

I thought Brown was to supposed to have resented him in the extreme for getting Tony binto power in '97?

  Quickbeam 12:17 03 Oct 2008

Binto = into, could've been the Vimto in front of me for that Freudian slip...

  rickf 13:56 03 Oct 2008

Brown has ran out of ideas and this smacks of desperation.

  peter99co 14:03 03 Oct 2008

Business backs Mandelson's return

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Maybe they know better than us.

  johndrew 14:16 03 Oct 2008

I thought the Government were against reward for failure!!!!

  peter99co 15:03 03 Oct 2008

He has not failed in jobs. No one expected him to be careless or un-disciplined in his personal dealings.He was said to have been a successful minister even though he failed to dispel his reputation as an arch manipulator.

  Forum Editor 16:33 03 Oct 2008

is an extremely clever and able politician, but like so many clever and able politicians he's flawed. There's nothing particularly earth-shattering in that; lots of people are flawed, in fact most if not all of us are.

The difference is that most of us aren't ever likely to be in a position where we can use our influence in quite the way that Mandelson appears to have done. In the past He's demonstrated a penchant for thinking that perhaps he doesn't have to play by the same rules as others, and it's difficult to judge whether or not time has caused him to reflect and repent. For that reason, and because he and Gordon Brown quite obviously couldn't stand the sight of each other in times past, I'm very surprised indeed to learn that he's coming back into government.

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