Manchester City stars fined

  peter99co 21:43 24 Apr 2010

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Shay Given, Kolo Toure, Shaun Wright-Phillips, Patrick Vieira and Stephen Ireland were all given £30 fixed penalty notices on Wednesday.

Well I never. Black marks all round.

  WhiteTruckMan 21:49 24 Apr 2010

that Manchester city is some form of football club.


  Hercule Marple 21:57 24 Apr 2010

Shay Given ain't having much luck. He dislocated his shoulder today.

  rdave13 22:22 24 Apr 2010

Thirty squids plus they will have to pay for rectifying it.
Ho-Hum, same as the rest of us, then.

  wiz-king 08:43 25 Apr 2010

The number of blacked out cars I see around here there must be a lot of wannabe footballers around.
And, the drivers wear sunglases!

  birdface 09:18 25 Apr 2010

Normally the driver would be warned that the window tint was to strong and have a written warning that it would have to be fixed As Soon As possible.
But someone had a field day getting 5 at the one time and instead of a warning probably less writing just to fine them.
I am sure a warning would have been sufficiant.

  mark2 09:54 25 Apr 2010

looking at google satellite view of the area it appears to be close to an industrial estate, thus Vosa are likely to have been conducting one of their regular stop and check operations and they happened to get caught up in it.

They were lucky they had a deferred prohibition(apparently)a normal prohibition means they cannot drive it until the prohibition is removed, thus their cars would have to be trailered away from the stop. Vosa could also insist on an Mot test to remove the prohibition even if the vehicle is not yet over 3 yrs old, depends how snotty the driver reacts to the stop.

  Colin 09:56 25 Apr 2010

Maybe the publicity of this was designed to make more people aware of the problem. Riding a motorbike makes me very cautious of drivers with almost black glass on the front windows. I’ve usually noticed that it’s who I refer to as walleys that have this glass so I’m not surprised that footballers use it, too.

  Forum Editor 11:50 25 Apr 2010

I suspect that there was a beginning to the story, and it was a conversation that took place in a local police station, along the lines of "who do these people think they are? Let's teach them that a copper can tell a £60,000 a week footballer to wind his window down"

Something along those lines is probably near the mark.

  Quickbeam 12:02 25 Apr 2010

It's something that we'll see more of as people realise that now VOSA are here to enforce vehicle compliance, illegal tints, illegal number plate letter spacing, illegal bonnet mascots, illegal, trailers, illegal whatever... they made a point of going for high profile targets to get media coverage.

We've had it for a while now in commercial operations, what we're seeing is the public learning that VOSA will also be enforcing private vehicle compliance, you'll see more of it from now on.

  morddwyd 15:13 25 Apr 2010

Be fair.

Can you imagine the headlines, including probably on this forum, it they had just got a verbal warning?

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