The man who is 'allergic' to Wi-Fi

  donki 14:32 24 Jul 2009

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I know, I was lazy and just copied the title. Is this a problem that is likely to get worse or does such an allergy really exsist? I will be honest and say I dotn really know enough about how wi-fi actually works to know if it could cause such effects as making a person "dizzy, sick and disorientated".

I did a search before posting and couldnt find anything about "Electromagnetic Hypersensetivity", so I apologise if this has already been seen.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:07 24 Jul 2009

the cynic in me is screaming that this is more to do with his mental state rather than a physical affliction and I'm sure his years as a club DJ, being bombarded by loud noise, has nothing to do with his current state.


  Mr Mistoffelees 16:24 24 Jul 2009

So, of all the different forms of electromagnetic radiation, to which we are all exposed as we go about our daily business, he is sure it is Wi-Fi that causes his problem?

Methinks GANDALF <|:-)>'s theory is more likely correct. Wi-Fi operates at much lower energy levels than mobile phone network transmissions and he is not suggesting they affect him in any way.

  crosstrainer 16:45 24 Jul 2009

"The cynic in you"?

Good Lord whoever you believe in, you were born and bread a cynic (feel free to correct typo's)

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:01 24 Jul 2009

A cynic is what an idealist calls a realist..apart from that I've heard it all before and unlike many people I do not have a short memory. People are born to blame everything and everyone but themselves.


  OTT_Buzzard 17:20 24 Jul 2009

As much as anything, it sounds like agoraphobia.

Can't go out in public, secludes himself behind thick walls, and when he does go out to the pub, it's a local pub, probably small with few clientelle that he doesn't know.

But then, sensitivity to varying forms of EM is well documented and apparently, a good way to bring on 'apparitions'.

  Forum Editor 18:18 24 Jul 2009

I can instantly sense the Wi-Fi and have to leg it."

My initial reaction is to express complete agreement with GANDALF <|:-)>'s considered opinion. Numerous tests carried out in controlled conditions have consistently demonstrate that people who think they're suffering from electromagnetic hypersensitivity cannot tell whether they're being exposed to an electromagnetic field or to absolutely nothing.

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity is not currently a condition that is recognised by the medical profession.

  Si_L 19:43 24 Jul 2009

According to this article it affects 2% of the population. I would be very skeptical of anyone who claims that they can sense if they are in the midst of a Wifi signal, and if they can, put their ramblings to the test.

  dagnammit 21:41 24 Jul 2009

Spelling errors aside I think Wi-Fi might mean WIerd-FIction, for that is all it is in this guy's head.

  crosstrainer 22:09 24 Jul 2009

My memory is also long...Good and bad remain firmly planted. I know that you and I have had our differences in the past, but I believe our hopes for what's left of the planet we live on are the same.


  Forum Editor 23:37 24 Jul 2009

of the planet we live on"

You have badly underestimated the planet's capacity for recovery and regeneration if you think that it's in any real danger of sustaining any permanent damage as a result of our meddling. We'll have our time as a species, and will no doubt cease to exist at some future point, but the planet will survive, and new species will evolve - what's happening now is an insignificant blip in the life of the earth.

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