Man tries to blow up plane;no sniffer dogs ?

  p;3 20:27 27 Dec 2009

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MY question when I read the story in my newspaper......what happened to the Airport Sniffer dogs; I see them in action when I watch various Airport and Security programs; surely this is one very good reason why we HAVE sniffer dogs? So where were they when this individual went through the Airport?

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quote..Does anyone have experience of sniffer dogs or knowledge of how to beat them? How much can they actually smell or detect? Are there ways to prevent them from being effective? Under what circumstances are they ineffective (I've heard rain can be a problem for them)? What can they smell and what can't they? Can they only be trained to detect individual substances or can they detect a range of things? Is there a difference between illegal drugs / narcotics and contraband or explosives? What about hiding what ever you're trying to hide internally either in your privates or swallowed?

Any and all advice, stories and opinions would be welcomed...unquote...

what does that individual hope to achieve??

And again, where WERE the sniffer dogs?

  interzone55 20:50 27 Dec 2009

I doubt sniffer dogs would be any use, as the binary bombs being used do not use conventional explosives...

  Forum Editor 00:27 28 Dec 2009

are generally used to scan luggage that is going into the aircraft's hold, and in some airports you see them running over luggage that is on the carousels in the arrivals side of the terminals.

Occasionally they're used to wander around in the air-side areas, and they'll stop and sit down by the side of anyone who they detect is carrying drugs.They just sit or stand there and stare at the location of the substance.

The dogs are very friendly, and seem to like being stroked and patted by passengers. A lot of people don't realise that most of the dogs are operated by Revenue and Customs, not by the police, or airport security. The security services do have dogs that are trained to detect explosive substances.

I've often seen dogs emerging from aircraft that are on the tarmac - searches for explosives are conducted before passengers are boarded.

  gigagiggles 07:52 28 Dec 2009

there has to be a limit to the number of trained dogs deployed at any one airport. and their handlers can't be required to work 16 hour days.

  Forum Editor 10:09 28 Dec 2009

Yes, but in fact you don't need a lot of dogs. One animal can scan a huge number of bags and/or people very quickly.

These dogs can detect minute traces of the substances they've been trained for over considerable distances, and home in on the source with uncanny accuracy.

One of my brothers used to work with the Heathrow police, and he tells of a drug dog which was being driven off duty. The van had to stop alongside an aircraft parked on the tarmac, and the dog became agitated. Its handler recognised the signs and let out. It ran straight up to the aircraft and jumped into the open baggage hold. One of the cases contained a small package of heroine, and the dog had detected it from inside the van. It was a hot day, and the van windows were open - it was enough for the dog.

  spuds 21:00 28 Dec 2009

After the 9/11 incident a number of 'explosive' trained dogs where imported from the USA, and given to the various enforcement agencies here in the UK. A number of those dogs are now about 8+ years old, and some are being put into retirement.

Perhaps that is one answer to your question.

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