A man with no Honour in Politics

  finerty 22:42 19 Sep 2012

Cleggy the deceiver

Wanted so badly to hit every student with highest tuition fees no relies it was a mistake, hang on he needs the votes no hes trying to get votes so that he can again abuse his power. Well that's my opinion.

  kad60 06:13 20 Sep 2012

He does not have the same cache as D L George but like him he has sold out the liberal party.His crocodile tears now show what a self serving fool he is.

  carver 06:40 20 Sep 2012

Well it is halfway in the term and he is now looking towards the next election and same as any politician he is hoping that he can say sorry for his mistakes and lies and he hopes every one will think he is a better man learning from his mistakes.

Or put another way, he's xxxx scared he and the Liberals are going to get a hammering in the next election.

  morddwyd 09:33 20 Sep 2012

As I've said before, they formed an alliance with Labour in Scotland to form a government and have formed coalitions with the Nationaliss on several councils so that they could share power.

They will compromise on any promise or principle if they get a chance to sit at the top table.

  KRONOS the First 10:36 20 Sep 2012

But, that's what the LibDems (in their various forms over the past) have always done

All parties do this and that most definitely includes your beloved Tories. Mind you very few actually apologise later or in Cleggs case much later. In fact most politicians of every persuasion tend to ignore their manifesto that helped get them into office and should anyone bring them to task about it then there are a myriad of tried and trusted excuses to use to mitigate their failings.

  Forum Editor 11:20 20 Sep 2012


The lib-dems have a history of promising things they know they will never have to deliver. All parties certainly do it to some extent, but The Conservatives and Labour have had to be far more careful.

Nick Clegg, I think, did the same thing as always, but then glimpsed what he saw as a spark of light on the horizon, so he's trying to protect his position. Politicians always seem to make the elementary mistake of underestimating the length of the electorate's memory. I think Nick Clegg will learn the hard way. He's young, he'll gain experience, and at some point in the future he may decide to jump to a more inviting ship. He's glimpsed the politician's holy grail - power, and it has seduced him.

  Belatucadrus 11:33 20 Sep 2012

"The lib-dems have a history of promising things they know they will never have to deliver."

Too true and some of them seem to be having problems adjusting to being in a position of genuine responsibility, there are those that seem to regard the current economic crisis as some kind of Macguffin that's being used simply to block the really important issues like House of lords reform. Which to me seems an indication that their priorities are shot. Being an idealist is a wonderful thing but it needs to be tempered with a heavy dose of common sense.

  Condom 11:41 20 Sep 2012

I'm no great admirer of Nick Clegg and I'm pretty sure that despite his crocodile tears, he has left it too late, the damage has been done. The apology or whatever you want to call it should have been made a couple of years ago, and he knows that all too well.

Having said that he is only joining the other parties in saying things in their manifestos that they know they can never really deliver, so Nick, join the club.

  KRONOS the First 12:09 20 Sep 2012

but The Conservatives and Labour have had to be far more careful

I do not think that statement is particularly true as in my limited experience both the Tories and Labour parties will say or put into their manifestos what they believe will get them into power. That is a fact of life. I agree that with the Liberal party they could perhaps be a little more generous as to their promises as, as you rightly said "they will never have to deliver" but of course they were caught out as they now have a degree of power.

But politics is not just on a national level and I have experienced all parties in charge at council level and I can assure you they have all with out exception made promises, not only that they did not keep but promises they had no intention of keeping.

  Joseph Kerr 13:38 20 Sep 2012

Cable really increased confidence in them on last night's Newsnight though. Really made me believe that we need an older, siser libdem leader now the worship of the young (or whatever he called it) is over.


  Al94 13:40 20 Sep 2012

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