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Is this the man of the future for the U.S.?

  Cymro. 11:55 31 Jan 2018

BBC link

Well he certainly has the gift of the gab along with the name and money behind him. Assuming the old Kennedy curse doesn't get him who knows.

  qwbos 13:09 31 Jan 2018

Not sure the Kennedy curse is the correct sentiment. JFK was far from the saintly figure many would portray him as. I'm surprised that PR men don't advise clients to get shot. It worked wonders for JFK's image.

  wee eddie 14:08 31 Jan 2018

Many people in the UK would like to get rid of the Royal Family. In the USA, they would love to create one

  Old Deuteronomy 15:47 31 Jan 2018

*For a democracy, they do love trying to keep things in the family: Roosevelt, Kennedy, Bush, Clinton. Who's next in the familial lineage to come up for the job. *

Please American voters, don't let the next presidential dynasty be the Trumps.

  Proclaimer 16:38 31 Jan 2018

I would not be surprised to see Oprah running for President to be honest.

  Forum Editor 17:01 31 Jan 2018


I would be very surprised to see Oprah running.

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