Man is found glued to toilet seat !

  24/7 13:15 02 Nov 2008

ive often wondered how they would deal with a situation like this & now i have the answer, It irritates me when fools do something like this..

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  Kevscar1 14:47 02 Nov 2008

What an inconvienience.

  €dstowe 16:17 02 Nov 2008

This, like the spud up the fundamental orifice (reported the other day) is so common in medical circles that it hardly warrants any comment at all. The media must be really short of news to have to stoop so low as to report this.

BTW: Superglue is not as intractable as we are led to believe. Glued skin can be separated fairly painlessly and there is a solvent available for more difficult occasions. I'm surprised the authorities involved weren't aware of it - the remover is available in my local B&Q.

  Condom 16:29 02 Nov 2008

There was a pogram on TV the other night about people who are terified of going to public toilets. Is is any wonder when you may end up getting carried out either with your "bottom" stuck to the seat or your arm trapped down the bowl.

Next time I fly I think I will stand well back when I flush as that sucking noise sounds very powerful.

  WhiteTruckMan 16:49 02 Nov 2008

-watch out for the in flight meals. They suck as well!


  Kevscar1 18:13 02 Nov 2008

There was a pogram on TV the other night about people who are terified of going to public toilets

Thats because they might bump into George Micheal in a Policemans Uniform

  laurie53 18:51 02 Nov 2008

Any bets on how long before this thread goes the same way as the potato one?

  dagnammit 19:06 02 Nov 2008

or the phone call one.

  peter99co 19:10 02 Nov 2008

It is not often a Pogrom occurs on TV.
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  Forum Editor 19:11 02 Nov 2008

It will wither on the vine.

  mrwoowoo 22:31 02 Nov 2008

I think it's going down the pan already.

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