Man fined for smoking in van

  peter99co 22:29 25 Jul 2008

He wants his £30 back

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  al7478 22:45 25 Jul 2008

Cobblers, his place of work is the house he's painting and decorating that day.

Glad to see they have a sense of humour with that volume control.

  Spark6 23:38 25 Jul 2008

I would want my £30 back plus damages. Surely this guy's human rights blah blah have been violated!

It will not be long before it will be an offence, I hate to think what the punishment will be, to smoke in your own back garden because it upsets the neighbours. Watch out you barby lovers.

  Stuartli 23:55 25 Jul 2008

This is a classic example of political correctness gone mad.

This is one of the reasons I regard the people who are empowered to impose such penalties as "low intelligence jobsworths."

  al7478 23:55 25 Jul 2008

I went to barby once. horrible place. they should send all the smokers there.

  josie mayhem 00:30 26 Jul 2008

It's true if your verichle that you use for any form of bussiness perpose then you follow the same smoking law as any one else has to in a permenat place of work!!!!

My friend who has his own limmo business isn't allowed to smoke in his car even when not doing paid business... If he wants a smoke he has to stop the car and get out!

  al7478 01:37 26 Jul 2008

but his limo actually is his place of work.

  ened 06:36 26 Jul 2008

As usual all is not as it seems.

I read the story in the Mail and it transpires he had a sixteen year old boy with him who was also smoking.

I would suggest that, as he was using the van to take the boy to the job, it was a works van and thus subject to the law.

Having said that I still agree with Stuartli's comment and think a warning would have sufficed.

  laurie53 08:26 26 Jul 2008

Yet again we have people thinking that because a law is stupid there is no need to obey it.

If you don't like the law get it changed, don't ignore it, and if you do ignore it, don't whine if you get caught.

  Al94 08:42 26 Jul 2008

Perhaps a ban on drivers smoking while driving is not that far off and has a degree of logic. Likely to be obeyed as much as mobile phone law is though!

  Legolas 14:37 26 Jul 2008

I am an ex smoker and now I hate smoking. The smoking ban in public places is excellent and I am in full agreement with it. Having said that I think this story is an indication of taking a thing too far, as someone said surely a word of warning would have sufficed but to waste time and money prosecuting and subsequenty fining him was going OTT.

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