M&S tells Muslim staff they can refuse to serve customers buying alcohol

  hssutton 13:39 22 Dec 2013

So you're in a checkout queue at M&S with a trolley full of food containing food (bacon/pork) and alcohol. You eventually get to the checkout only to be told "I'm sorry I'm a Muslim, so I cannot handle alcohol or pork". What do you do, find another till or walk out, or never go in an M&S store again?

Even if they put up a sign at a checkout it will be latter for me, so bye, bye M&S


  Flak999 13:56 22 Dec 2013

What nonsense! Why would you employ staff that are not prepared to fulfil the role for which they are employed?

It should be made crystal clear to prospective employees of all faiths that they leave their religious beliefs at the door when they report for work, and if they are not prepared to do that then they should seek work elsewhere!

I have never heard anything so completely ridiculous in all my life!

  Quickbeam 14:10 22 Dec 2013

What about vegetarian staff, and none smokers, and organic devotees and...?

  spuds 14:33 22 Dec 2013

Haven't we been all through this before?.

I seem to recall a forklift driver refusing to handle certain products, and the media gave that story a right bashing.

When I usually visit our local Tesco superstore, some of the checkout staff put on a pair of gloves for certain items, that they are suppose to not touch. I don't think anyone as objected yet, on this action by the staff. If they have, then its been kept very quiet!.

M&S have always been a little upmarket, so perhaps another meaning to the word?.

  bumpkin 15:04 22 Dec 2013

What next, this country is becoming a joke but not a funny one.

  iscanut 16:22 22 Dec 2013

Just stay at the checkout until they get another operative. Madness !!!!

  woody 17:05 22 Dec 2013

"Just stay at the checkout until they get another operative"

You have more patience than me - leave the lot and walk out would be my action.

They could put a sign over their check out pointing out the type of customer they are prepared to serve and presumably Cristian's could do the same! Or do we have different laws for differing groups?

  lotvic 17:26 22 Dec 2013

The Brick Lane traders don't hold with with such nonsense. Recent Demo against them selling alcohol got short shrift. They hit back at an infamous preacher’s anti-alcohol march.

  Forum Editor 17:38 22 Dec 2013

I think it is perfectly reasonable to include a clause in job adverts which says 'part of this job entails selling alcohol and pork products to our customers; if you feel that you would be unable to comply with this requirement we ask that you you do not apply'.

It is, after all, a part of the job description for a supermarket checkout assistant that he/she handles the items that come along the conveyor.

A bad move, in my opinion, by M&S, and one that may adversely affect their business. Perhaps most Muslims will see the sense in not operating the option.

  bumpkin 19:09 22 Dec 2013

FE, quite right the employee should comply with the employers requirements not the other way round.

Silly move by M&S, I can't see what they are trying to prove other than how to lose customers.

  Aitchbee 19:26 22 Dec 2013

On a slightly different-but-similar religeous angle ... there are 2 great Jewish-run charity shops which I visit quite often ... they open every day of the week except Saturdays ... what a bummer!

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