M&S to close 100 stores by 2022

  oresome 12:45 22 May 2018

On-line shopping habits and austerity both having an impact on their sales.

What future for many High Streets with the anchor store closing?


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  Pine Man 13:34 22 May 2018

In Chichester we have two M&S stores in the city centre, less than 100 yds apart, and another on the outskirts.

I can't see them all surviving, which is a pity as my wife is an ex employee who gets staff discount, which makes their products very affordable.

  martd7 14:38 22 May 2018

Far too expensive in my opinion for clothes if I remember back about 5years was their new director not warning about the prices somehow had to be reduced?

  oresome 17:35 22 May 2018

You can't blame the move to on-line purchasing for this closure.

Tesco are shutting Tesco Direct in July.


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  BT 17:39 22 May 2018

We have one of those M&S mini food outlets at a local Garage. They built it last year after completely demolishing a previous Garage/store only built a year previously by a different company. Waste of money or what?

I see today that Tesco have announced they are closing the Tesco Direct branch of the company.

  Forum Editor 22:30 22 May 2018

The M&S clothing business lost touch with its core customers some time ago.

  morddwyd 09:55 23 May 2018

In my recent troubles with Sainsbury I looked at M&S food on line.

They don't.


I used to spend between £50 and £80 a week in M&S. That trade now goes to Morrisons and in locally the two stores are only fifty yards apart.

  wee eddie 11:04 23 May 2018

It looks to me as though the "mantra" of "expand at any cost" is suddenly coming home to roost.

Putting Stores in areas without sufficient Customer Base is bound to end in tears.

B&M, Tesco and the Co-op, will shortly find themselves in a similar position

  Aitchbee 22:44 23 May 2018

On-line shopping habits and austerity both having an impact on their sales.

Austerity - the proliferation of charity shops up-and-down-the land have played a big part in M&S's demise.

The M&S clothing business lost touch with its core customers some time ago.

M&S were, and probably still are the first-port-of call for females when looking for 'comfortable' knickers 'n' bras ... my ex-girlfriend was always in-and-out getting measured up [for free].

They'll probably start charging for this service after the company has been 'slimmed-down'.

  BT 08:46 24 May 2018

If Tesco don't get their act together very quickly they'll be loosing a LOT of online grocery customers.

While preparing my online orders over the last couple of weeks there has been an increasing number of items "not currently available" and "this item has been removed from our range". Its not just my local store as I've posted on Tesco's Facebook page and its apparently pretty widespread with many people having the same problem. Tesco's response has been to ask for 'details' - surely they should know already.

The shortages are in most of their Value items - apparently due to a rebranding exercise, but also on many of their normal items and quite few branded items. The only Corned Beef available this week for instance is Princes, all the Tesco and other brands have disappeared. I reckon without actually going through my 'Favourites' list and doing a count, that it must be at least 10-15% of my regularly ordered items were not available this week.

  martd7 11:23 24 May 2018

Tesco have rebranded their frozen value food to "hearty food" more colourful boxes,i bought the cheese and beans 4pack of pasties and the sausage and mash meals,£1 each,the sausage and mash was ok nothing special but for £1 was fine,not so the cheese and beans pasties,i counted 8 beans and I couldn't find the cheese in the first pastie

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