Malasian Grand Prix

  Quickbeam 11:11 05 Apr 2009

The winning vehicle click here

  Seth Haniel 11:46 05 Apr 2009

Unless they rewrite the rules again. 1/2 points it is so far. Watch this space.

  Quickbeam 12:00 05 Apr 2009

Normally rain makes a better spectacle of the the race. In this instance it was a super damp squib anticlimax.

  Strawballs 12:14 05 Apr 2009

Another FIA farce

  AL47 12:14 05 Apr 2009


  interzone55 12:18 05 Apr 2009

The only farce was waiting until the last minute to actually call the race off.

I wouldn't want to drive a normal car in rain like that, never mind one with 800bhp and and 35kg of lithium ion batteries about 18 inches from my backside...

  Strawballs 12:22 05 Apr 2009

That is what I ment they were calling the cars back to the grid without the 10 min warning then when they had got there called it off!

  Strawballs 12:24 05 Apr 2009

click here then look at the 11:34 post

  ened 12:38 05 Apr 2009

It is a shame, really, about the half points because, at the top end it also halves the difference.

Jenson Button was driving a superb race and all he has to show for it is one extra point.

  Noldi 13:33 05 Apr 2009

Amazin what some people post.

The reason they formed the cars up was incase they decided to give the 10 min notice. With the late start time day light and the weather beat them im sure next year they will go back to 2pm local time start.


  ened 14:23 05 Apr 2009

You seem to have an opinion on every conceivable subject.

You have already admitted knowing little about F1.

Why don't you try to refrain from posting silly comments, when you obviously don't know what you are talking about.

Noldi I don't think the light necessarily beat them because they were ready to restart, but the two hours were up!

I would have thought the two hour rule would have been suspended when the race is forcibly stopped for nearly half of that.

Having said that, apparently just about everybody bar the FIA thought that 5pm was a silly time to start.

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