Making sense of the impossible,

  wolfie3000 21:11 07 Jan 2009

Has there been a time in your life when you have seen something in this crazy world and said "What? how is that even possible!"

A few examples that have happened to me.

Playing Perfect world one day and finding a level one player in a level40 area, this is impossible to do in the game but it happened and i have the proof.
click here
I asked the guy how on earth he got there and he said he teleported there, which again is impossible.

I was once round a friends house in his kitchen and his kitchen tap turned on full blast, we both checked the tap and it was in perfect working order and had to have been turned on all the way around but no one touched it.

So has anyone else seen anything thats so impossible its made you question the very universe we live in?

  interzone55 21:59 07 Jan 2009

First one is probably a glitch in the game - entirely possible consider the game testers can't possibly check every possible move.

Second one was clearly a ghost...

  newman35 22:06 07 Jan 2009

Take more water with it.

  tullie 22:35 07 Jan 2009

In answer to the question,No

  DieSse 22:50 07 Jan 2009

"...we both checked the tap and it was in perfect working order"

Clearly it wasn't, IF it turned itself on full with no external agency.

Nothing happens that is impossible (by definition - if it happens it's possible).

There's lots of things I don't know the reason for - that doesn't make them impossible.

  Forum Editor 23:03 07 Jan 2009

the tap was obviously faulty, as was the game code.

  wolfie3000 23:34 07 Jan 2009

I dont buy it FE, it is impossible for a level 1 character to get to that location (Clan of haste) iv tryed it myself and it just cant be done,
If you try to get to a place that is meant for higher level characters a warning flashes up then it physically stops you from progressing there,

if that where to fail the high level monsters in the area would kill you with one hit plus the warrior character this guy had cannot outrun the higher level monsters, plus he would have had to have gotten across a canyon which is impossible to jump over, if he fell in he would have been killed instantly,
if he survived the fall its impossible to get out from with out a mount which you dont get until level 30

As for the tap i was in the kitchen when it happened and checked the tap myself after it happened and both of us could not find anything wrong with the tap plus it was turned onto full.

But the point of this thread is to see if anyone else has had similar experiences.

  mrwoowoo 23:46 07 Jan 2009

There are plenty of game cheats about on the net.
I imagine that he has got hold of one somewhere.

  Forum Editor 23:54 07 Jan 2009

Life teaches you that it's unwise to use the word 'impossible' because you'll be proved wrong. In your case it has happened - someone did get to that location in the game, and the tap did turn on - so neither thing was impossible.

What occurred was unlikely, but it happened.

  wolfie3000 00:07 08 Jan 2009

I know of only one cheat for this game and that's the "Peso hack" named because players can set the F1 key as an attack then they get a coin the size of a Peso to hold down the key so they can kill monsters automaticly to gain EXP while they sleep at night.

There are many claims for money/Exp/DQ items/item mall/HH armour/level 9 soul stone hacks, but there are none.

Many have searched for hacks in forums and game sites and even i havent found a single program to hack/cheat the game.

Not that i would lol.

Thinking about it there is a flying hack that allows a player to fly without wings, it relies on the double jump feature enabling a person to jump 100s of meters into the air and fly for a bit,
So technicaly it is possible for a level 1 player to get to clan of haste but it would serve no purpose to do so.

Just found this video on youtube of it and ironicly it looks exactly like the guy i saw in the picture, same hair style and clothes.

click here

Could this be the guy i saw at clan of haste, my mind is blown!!

  Chegs ®™ 06:03 08 Jan 2009

In a fishing game I used to play,you needed be over certain levels to access various maps.The games creators updated the full game and the result was level ones being able to walk into level fifty maps,with no hope of being able to catch any of the fish there.I then heard of a hack for the game that people were using to catch huge fish in seconds,but when the hack was forwarded to the game creators they checked the server logs and any people found to have used the hack were demoted back to level five.

The tap incident,if you had checked the tap before it burst forth then I could see some mystery to it but it could be explained away simply by air in the pipes & someone had turned it on full.No water but they could maybe hear the air escaping and had left it turned on,the water continues to flow after you've arrived back.Way back when I was a child,a "vandal" had turned off the water in the street,and I remember the taps when water was turned back on used to spit and hiss for quite some time before water flowed normally.

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