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Makes me proud to call Hartlepool my home town.

  Sapins 10:08 11 May 2017

click here course, not to mention ancient ships that have been saved because no one else can supply the skilled manpower to bring them back to life, pity there isn't a symbol that sums up my pride.


  Sapins 10:12 11 May 2017

Don't know how "Of"got separated from the beginning of my comment! I suppose I should have left another blank line after the click here.

  Forum Editor 11:03 11 May 2017

This is certainly quite something, but to be fair,the technology and systems involved were almost certainly developed in places other than your home town.

  lotvic 20:03 11 May 2017

I suppose I should have left another blank line after the click here

Nope not another blank line, I found you need about 3 spaces

  bumpkin 22:46 11 May 2017

Don't know how "Of"got separated

A quirk of this forum and a question asked many times before. As suggested a few spaces is the easiest solution and then the spaces get moved to the bottom rather than the text.

  Forum Editor 10:26 12 May 2017

The best way to form a link is to type your post, including a word or words that will appear as the link. Then, highlight the word or words, and click the little green icon and insert your link's url in the normal way. Your words will show inside brackets, with the number 1 inside separate brackets.

For instance, take a look at this. Then press the space bar a couple of times and carry on typing.

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