Make a note of this....

  TopCat® 17:22 10 Sep 2013

polymer that is.

The Bank of England is seeking consultations and public opinion on converting our banknotes to polymer based ones. Are you in favour of this proposal or not - my vote is a 'yes' TC. polymer proposal

  wiz-king 17:47 10 Sep 2013

If I say yes can I get the BOGOF offer?

  Forum Editor 19:02 10 Sep 2013

Did we talk about this before? Perhaps I imagined it.

I've handled Australian banknotes, which are polymer, and they're fine. I'm all for it if there's a chance our money will be less prone to picking up millions of bacteria and faecal matter.

  Woolwell 19:17 10 Sep 2013

FE your memory is not failing Speakers Corner

  TopCat® 19:35 10 Sep 2013

Last December I believe the subject was aired, however consumers have the chance to give an opinion directly to the Bank. TC.


  Mr Mistoffelees 19:58 10 Sep 2013

When I heard about this on the news, I just found myself wondering why the Bank of England has taken so long to get around to producing plastic notes.

  bumpkin 20:11 10 Sep 2013

Curious as to what FE uses his £50 notes for:-)

  Aitchbee 22:33 10 Sep 2013

It'll just make 'money laundering' a whole lot easier ... as the plastic notes will come-up-a-treat ... on a low temperature 20c degrees [machine] wash ... and without the need for any fabric conditioner, too.

I'm gonna give those plastic notes the thumbs up!

  bumpkin 23:17 10 Sep 2013

Aitchbee, No HB I am happy with a pocket full of paper covered in faeces why change this.

  Picklefactory 12:58 11 Sep 2013

I do get a bit nostalgic for some of the older notes, but the world must move on, and just as I didn't really like it when the old style notes all shrank to the current Monopoly money size, I could see the good reasoning behind it. This is the same for me, I'm sure I'll be nostalgic about paper money, but I think it will be a practical improvement.

I'm in.

  bumpkin 14:11 11 Sep 2013

Joking aside I think plastic is the way forward but why only fives and tens. I also think we should by now have a £100 note as does Scotland.

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