Make the Most of It

  morddwyd 23:00 02 May 2011

Just a reminder - the nights start drawing in next month!

  Forum Editor 23:25 02 May 2011

Thanks, Mr. Gloomy.

What about those lazy, hazy days of wine and roses that are yet to come?

Glass half full, Mordwydd; that's the way to look at life

  morddwyd 07:10 03 May 2011

What about the frost forecast for tonight, and me with my tomatoes just planted out!

  Quickbeam 07:41 03 May 2011

Tinned ones don't have a problem with frost.

  Brumas 09:09 03 May 2011

Quickbeam. they do if you try freezing them!! ;o}}

  Quickbeam 09:15 03 May 2011

That would be preservation overkill, they keep for years in a can without having to maintain a sub-zero temperature as well.

  interzone55 09:29 03 May 2011

I'm waiting for the evenings to warm up a bit - as soon as the sun goes it gets really cold - so I can't make use of my decking and the LED lights I bought a few weeks ago...

  Bingalau 10:30 03 May 2011

Quickbeam/Brumas. Taking a chance aren't we? You two will not be getting the "Goody Two Shoes Badge" as promised by our FE.

Please note I haven't mentioned Tinned Tomato's.... Oops!

  dagbladet 13:05 03 May 2011


What you want is a bucket of plastic floor gloop and a few bits of fake grass from Lidl. That'll set your lights off a treat.

  Grey Goo 14:34 03 May 2011

Must start Winterval Shopping soon then.(Did not say the C word)

  morddwyd 17:35 03 May 2011

"as soon as the sun goes it gets really cold"

Move to Scotland, sunset 21.00 and getting later!

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