Major Coincidence Honda & Toyota Car Recall!

  ky72 10:54 30 Jan 2010

Mmm im sure there's nothing in this it just seems strange why both companies would recall cars within 24 hours.? are they realted or has they been some sort of a inspection.?

Are our car's safe anymore.?

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  dagbladet 11:03 30 Jan 2010

"are they realted(sic) or has they been some sort of a inspection.?...Are our car's safe anymore?

a) No

b) Er...yes.

C) Mine seems ok at the moment.

  Hercule Marple 11:24 30 Jan 2010

Bring back the Hillman Imp, I say.

  Forum Editor 11:42 30 Jan 2010

Why wouldn't they be?

The two recalls are totally unrelated - Toyota's is because an accelerator pedal could get stuck under the floor mat. Honda's recall is to address a problem with a Master power switch that could allow water to enter the window-winding switch and cause a fire.

These are component design issues, and although both of them could result in serious accidents it doesn't make cars in general any less safe.

  alB 11:44 30 Jan 2010

Blimey, that brings back some memories, an old neighbour had the "posh" version, the Singer Chamois ...alB

  johndrew 11:53 30 Jan 2010

They obviously have a problem which is being addressed.

A stuck accelerator pedal must be a frightening experience.

So must a bonnet which opens at speed but, to my knowledge, Renault have yet to address the problem - except by advising owners how to close it of course. This controversy has been running since 2006.

  Colin 13:03 30 Jan 2010

It doesn’t mean that all the cars will suffer from these problems that they are being recalled for. In reality, the number of cars that will have the problem will be minute, but they have to be checked.

  alB 14:15 30 Jan 2010

We received a letter in 2007 from Renault advising us of the bonnet catch problem and to arrange to take the car (Clio) to the main dealer, after inspection a new updated catch was fitted free of charge ...alB

  Mr Mistoffelees 16:39 30 Jan 2010

"A stuck accelerator pedal must be a frightening experience."

I once had a throttle return spring break on a Citroen BX GTI. It wanted to do 120mph up a very busy M6 at Birmingham! Lifting the pedal with my foot didn't work.

  ky72 17:11 30 Jan 2010

BTW another company now..OMG!!

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  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:28 30 Jan 2010

'BTW another company now..OMG!!' behave, the faults could cause problems on a tiny proportion of cars. I suppose if it starts raining gently you look for a grey haired old man building a ginormous wooden boat and asking for 2 of every animal. Meh! x 3


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