Major Cards ... double standards

  Seth Haniel 19:30 15 Dec 2010

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Visa, Mastercard and PayPal all enable donations to be made to US-registered groups funding illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank in defiance of international law.

All three have in the last week ceased enabling donations to WikiLeaks.

  wids001 07:44 16 Dec 2010


These are foreign based companies - you seem to be forgetting one important factor here Seth ......

Only the UK adheres to International Law!

  Kevscar1 08:30 16 Dec 2010

yeah and I bet you believe in the tooth faary too.

  Kevscar1 08:31 16 Dec 2010

I wish we had an edit function like every other forum I use.

  wids001 08:41 16 Dec 2010

A few years back I spent some time in France with the owner of our local slaughter house. We visited a farm to purchase some produce and he was amazed to see them using a dilapdated and dirty barn to slaughter and prepare their meats. My friend, having spent £1000s bring his premises up to EU standards asked the farmer about the EU rules on slaughter houses. His reply was, "rules - they're for you English!"

  wids001 08:45 16 Dec 2010

Kevscar. Isn't the obvious reason surely that the US government hasn't put any pressure on these companies to cease funding to the West Bank settlements, whereas wikileaks ........

  carver 09:07 16 Dec 2010

All you have to remember is that WikiLeaks was releasing things about America and if the good old USA get annoyed then they expect everyone else to fall in line.

Seems strange doesn't it that only a few years ago the IRA was funded by the Americans and they didn't do anything about it even when we had evidence their fund raising was causing the deaths of British soldiers and civilians in Ireland and here in GB.

Now we just call it friendly fire.

  timsmith259 09:18 17 Dec 2010

its very sad that jews choose to behave this way and yet more sadness will hit jews as time goes by its aform of funding terrorism .

you could say these jews are acting like the nazi's i sometimes wonder if the nazi's actually infiltrated the jews and changed their identity when the allied forces came to save them

  timsmith259 09:19 17 Dec 2010

so why dont the yanks adhere to international law

  morddwyd 10:15 17 Dec 2010

"when the allied forces came to save them"

But the Allied soldiers didn't save them, liberating the camps was a by-product not an aim.

There is quite a bit of evidence to suggest that some, at least, of the camps could have been liberated earlier with a directed effort, and also that inmates at some of the camps asked for them to be bombed so that they could take their chances.

They did it at Amiens, but would not do the same to save the Jews.

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