Major boost to the economy on the horizon.

  gengiscant 08:25 25 Nov 2011

I am sure that you will all be celebrating the news that a tax loophole will be closed next year which accounts for the loss of £140m in lost tax revenue.

This loophole allowed people in the UK to buy VAT-free goods such as DVD's and CD's from such places as the Channel islands.BBC article.

Now I await with baited breath the chancellor Gearge Osborne's announcements of the closing of the many and varied loopholes enjoyed by those who can afford it to avoid paying billions of pounds a year in tax.

  Autoschediastic 08:50 25 Nov 2011


I await with baited breath... Im afraid you maybe waiting a while! & whilst Osbourne is there tell him to have a look at Lord Ashcroft's Loopholes too...seems there is two rules here one for the working class one for the wealthy...

  wiz-king 08:53 25 Nov 2011

You missed the boat 9th November

  gengiscant 09:02 25 Nov 2011

I am puzzled as to why the last post was moved to consumer forum and as I rarely go there I am not surprised I did not see it. Anyway my post is more of a tax avoidance issue. But thanks for pointing the post out wiz-king

  gengiscant 09:28 25 Nov 2011

I'm surprised to find you apparently arguing on behalf of the likes of Amazon and Tesco.

I am not, I would just like to see some movement towards closing the tax loopholes that deprive the exchequer of billions not just a paltry £140m. This is not a complaint against the present government,all politicians of whatever hue spout rhetoric about closing the tax loopholes that make this country so attractive to those that can afford to pay thousands to avoid paying taxes.

notion of multi-tasking is foreign to you. What an odd thing to post. Just the sort of comment I would expect from you though. I expect you believe that the chancellor will use his next statement to prove that he has indeed been multi-tasking and plans are in place to close these many and varied tax avoidance schemes. Oh and you probably believe in the tooth fairy and father Christmas.

  Grey Goo 11:43 25 Nov 2011

I guess the impending Public Sector strike will wipe out any gains and then some. This article may enlighten a few,or perhaps not. I make no comment about generalisations and all the other comments that may ensue.shake your begging bowl here

  birdface 12:28 25 Nov 2011

Tax Avoidance.

My facts may not be 100% but watching the news the other night and was astounded to hear that Most big Bookmakers in the Uk have off shore accounts so they pay no tax in the UK.

If it is Uk customers that they are taking the money from they should be made to pay tax in the UK.

What if ever shop and Business did the same how would the UK survive.

It is time the Government stepped in and fixed this loophole out.

  gengiscant 12:36 25 Nov 2011

Inferring nothing has been done because he's been busy closing a VAT loophole is just a bit silly.

Oh dear,we seem to be getting a little muddled, I can see nowhere in my posts which implies that nothing is being done about tax avoidance because George Osborne is closing a VAT loophole. Nothing is being done about tax avoidance by this chancellor or for that matter any chancellor. Fact.

This is not an anti-Tory thing,I know you think the sun shines out of a part of their anatomy,tax avoidance by people that can afford it is not tackled by any politician be it Labour or Conservative.

  Aitchbee 13:02 25 Nov 2011

don't knock the big bookmakers, buteman, I get a free cup of coffee, everyday...white - no sugar please.

  birdface 13:58 25 Nov 2011


Of course it's free just to get you in.

No doubt you loose more than you win.So not exactly free.

  Aitchbee 14:21 25 Nov 2011

I reckon I've 'invested' wrongly over the past 30 odd years, with the bookies, so that free cuppa coffee,might be their way of saying..Thank You For Your Support.

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