Mains gas pipe query

  CurlyWhirly 21:02 28 Nov 2010

I live in an old house that has no physical DPC installed and I have recently had a problem with rising damp but it's sorted now - I hope !

However I've noticed that the mains gas pipe is corroding as the part of the pipe that is coming through the wall on the inside has a ring of damp around it.

As that particular wall has now been damproofed I should be okay but I'm just curious as to what would happen if gas was leaking out of a corroded pipe as the section of pipe that I'm referring to comes BEFORE the gas shut-off valve and so shutting off this valve would serve no purpose !

I wonder what Transco would do in this situation ?

Outside the gas pipe goes directly into the ground so I'm assuming that there must be some sort of on/off valve underground ?

p.s. I can't be certain that the damproofing will be successful on this particular section of wall (aprox 3 ft in length) as my stone walls are 18 inches thick and should really be pumped from both sides but, due to the gas meter cupboard being in the way, it was only possible to pump that particular section of wall from the outside.

  lotvic 23:39 02 Dec 2010

Kaboom :-(

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