The Magdalene Sisters

  anchor 16:17 03 Dec 2006

Some of you may have seen this disturbing film last Thursday evening on Channel 4.

Perhaps, like me, you might have thought there was some exaggeration but, from reading about them, it seems not. Amazingly, the last such institution only closed in 1996.

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  wolfie3000 17:25 03 Dec 2006

I saw the film and it utterly depressed me,
To think that places like that exsisted.

  smy13 23:10 05 Dec 2006

Saw it about 12 months ago one of those films that's not an easy watch. but that really has a profound effect on you. real disturbing view made worse by the fact that it's really happened. Another one along the same lines is 'murder in the first' starring Kevin Bacon click here. traumatic and compulsive viewing at the same time

  Jimmy14 00:15 06 Dec 2006

I went and seen it about 2 years ago or even more when it came out in the cinema and I was deeply sadened at the treatment girls received by people who don't have the right at that time to say they were working for god (the nuns). Thanks for the link anchor.

  Cymro. 11:48 06 Dec 2006

So what was the Catholic Church up to when all this was going on.
It seems to me that like many religions the Roman Catholic Church has a lot to answer for.

  Kate B 11:53 06 Dec 2006

The treatment young unmarried pregnant women received at the hands of nuns is well-documented. So too is the abuse of young boys at the hands of priests and the way young children were sent to Australia, often without the knowledge of the parents from whom they'd been taken. It's a shameful period in the Catholic church's 20th-century history. What's more disappointing is how little has been done since then to try and make some reparations, even in the form of apologies, to those who suffered.

  Cymro. 14:24 06 Dec 2006

I wonder if anyone will be foolhardy enough to try and justify some of the above atrocities by the Roman Catholic Church.

  Sethhaniel 15:04 06 Dec 2006

Cathars !!!!!

  Forum Editor 23:15 06 Dec 2006

(all those years ago) a girl in our group of friends became pregnant by one of the boys. She was 18, he was 17 and her parents were unable to come to terms with the 'shame of it all', so they sent her to one of these places run by catholic nuns.

I vividly remember visiting her, shortly after her baby had been born (and sent immediately for adoption before she saw him properly or held him), and how she told me that the morning after giving birth she had been made to scrub the floor of the delivery room on her hands and knees as a penance for her misdeed. The nuns mistook her tears of grief at having to give away her child in such barbaric circumstances as tears of repentance, and one of them knelt down to 'give thanks' for it.

  Brumas 23:39 06 Dec 2006

What strikes me, is that Love, Compassion and Forgiveness seems to be missing from the whole episode.I am not overtly religeous but isn't that what it should all be about?

  Kate B 00:12 07 Dec 2006

Love, compassion and forgiveness are notably absent from a lot of so-called religious people of all denominations. Some of the most abhorrent acts of cruelty and small-mindedness are carried out in the name of religion.

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