Mad dogs & english men ........

  Dragon_Heart 00:45 12 Jul 2010

Whilst out in the front garden yesterday I saw something that made me laugh.

The temperature was in the low 80’s but what do I see walking past but a young lad, about 15, with a baseball cap on AND a thick hooded sweatshirt WITH THE HOOD ON !

With the look on his face he was either attempting to look ‘hard’ ( and failing ) or he was trying not to faint :-)

  Strawballs 03:53 12 Jul 2010

That's as bad as the girls wearing next to nothing in the middle of winter getting on and off the local ferry going to night clubs

  bri-an 07:18 12 Jul 2010

Yes, it must be a real hardship for you, watching them!! (;-0)

  BT 08:48 12 Jul 2010

Must be an awful lot of young lads with 'skin conditions' going by the number you see walking around like this. I think its an allergy to CCTV cameras!

  BT 08:53 12 Jul 2010

I live near a large secondary school and its very distracting when I'm on my PC at this time of day seeing all the young ladies passing by wearing(?) skirts hardly bigger than a Band Aid. ;-)))

  interzone55 08:55 12 Jul 2010

A severe case of Lupus would mean he'd need to cover up in the sunlight. This condition lead to the Vampire & Werewolf myths (see derivation of lupus).

On the otherhand, as with the scantily clad "ladies" in the depths of winter, he could merely be insensitive to climactic conditions. My neighbour wears the same black jumper & black coat all year round. He's either got a wardrobe full of the same clothes, or he never changes. I try not to stand close enough to find out...

  canarieslover 09:17 12 Jul 2010

When I was in my teens I never seemed to feel the changes in temperature. I would cycle in shorts and a short sleeved top from March to November and then just use a lightweight jacket and leg warmers for the coldest days of the winter. I wouldn't, even couldn't, dream of doing that now. Shorts may be the order of the day at present, with the heatwave, but I soon wrap up when the weather changes.

  bri-an 10:51 12 Jul 2010

"...and its very distracting when I'm on my PC.."

Have you ever thought of re-positioning your PC?
Join the club!!
Scholgirls have been doing this for generations - it's known as pushing the 'fashion' boundaries to see how far the school rules will bend.

  wellshgit 18:18 12 Jul 2010

When I was in school the girls wore skirts below the knee. Wish I could be a "born again schoolboy"

  morddwyd 20:21 12 Jul 2010

"When I was in school the girls ..........."

were in a separate school at least a mile away, dammit!

  Forum Editor 23:14 12 Jul 2010

was doing what young lads have always done - he was drawing comfort from the knowledge that whatever the weather he was wearing the accepted and desirable uniform of his peer group.

When you're young it's important to feel that you belong to an easily identifiable group, and the time-honoured way to do that is to wear the 'right' clothes.

I bet you did something similar when you were a young lad, and I bet that at some point someone older than you had a little laugh at your expense too.

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