Macworld forum members have joined us

  Forum Editor 07:42 25 Nov 2014

Some of you have probably noticed that we have a new forum area - called Apple Help.

The formation of Apple Help was something that was overdue as far as many of you are concerned - you have been asking for an Apple forum for a while. It coincides with the closing of the forum on our sister site MacWorld, and we've extended an invitation to members of that forum to join us here.

I know we can rely on you to extend a warm welcome to our new forum members.

  Quickbeam 08:15 27 Nov 2014

Mind you, for a high tech site, should we really be embracing a century old postcard format...?

  Brumas 09:13 27 Nov 2014

Quickbeam, "Sticks and stones shall break......." ;o}

  Quickbeam 09:17 27 Nov 2014

Morning Brumas;-)

  spuds 10:55 27 Nov 2014

"I sense a divisive attitude forming already, perhaps in the spirit of welcoming friendship to other OS users,"

Its called cramming a pint in an half pint pot. If you know what I mean :O)

  john bunyan 11:39 27 Nov 2014

I welcome this new forum- I do not see it as divisive, many of us would like a Mac but feel they are not worth the price premium. However surely many of us, like me, have Windows PC's plus iPhones and iPads using software such as iTunes so even PC Windows users will welcome this new forum.

  Belatucadrus 16:11 27 Nov 2014

Fruit Bat /\0/\

Thanks for the links, I'd already implemented the desktop change but the God mode thing looks interesting.

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