M6 speed camera catches 5,500 in 5 weeks

  peter99co 17:03 10 Mar 2010

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Claire Armstrong, co-founder of Safe Speed - which campaigns against speed cameras - said: "We're pretty disgusted. It's obviously got nothing to do with road safety.

What a stupid attitude. The Motorists are not slowing down through the roadworks and the camera proves it. They should be fined!

  mobileman1953 17:21 10 Mar 2010

as a motorist myself have no sympathy with tose who are fined , should obey speed limit for workers safety, that is what the limit is for

  Hercule Marple 17:48 10 Mar 2010

They should have their wheels confiscated, the naughty people.

  Starfox 18:21 10 Mar 2010

Aquaintance of mine was killed last year working on the M6, caused by a speading motorist. Speeding in this case being over 90mph in a 50 zone so I can see the reason for these cameras.

On the other hand my local councillor refers to speed camaras as *Roadside cash machines*, saying that when first installed in our area the council was overwhelmed with the amount of money they generated. Not so happy now the money goes to central government (or so I am led to believe).

  octal 19:47 10 Mar 2010

I know what, I make sure they get no money from me. If everyone else did the same they would probably remove the cameras as being uneconomically viable, oh well, I can always wish.

  peter99co 20:02 10 Mar 2010

In total, 5,569 motorists were caught, but only those who drove faster than 60mph - about 2,800 people - will be prosecuted because of limited resources.

Because of limited resources? Not enough envelopes for the letters? They should sub contract the job.

  GJC60 22:08 10 Mar 2010

Iv never had a speeding ticket, because i know where every one is situated where i live. So just slow down before hitting them then speed up afterwards. And police with radar guns always use the same spots at the same time of day/night.

  Bingalau 22:12 10 Mar 2010

GJC60. Is that admitting that you are speeding in places you shouldn't be? Or are you saying the cameras are doing their job of slowing you down in a speed limited area? I hope it's the latter because sooner or later you are going to come to grief if it's not.

  octal 06:12 11 Mar 2010

5,569 people caught in five weeks sounds a bit excessive, I just wonder if there is an issue with the placement of the signs and the cameras, also were they average speed cameras or the GATSO type? My experience is that most people seem to keep to the speed limit with the average speed cameras more so than with the GATSO ones, at least the people who understand what average speed is anyway.

  natdoor 08:57 11 Mar 2010

It's Ok to fine drivers who exceed the speed limits in roadworks if it endangers workmen. The problem is that there never seems to be anybody working. Usually there are a couple of vans parked up but nothing more. Hoever, yesterday on the M3 around Hook I did see a couple of workmen who appeared to be dusting the cones.

We should get a grip and have intensive activity for a short period or, as in the USA, roadworks only performed at night. The cost in lost time with our current leisurely approach must be enormous. Perhaps we should employ only central Europeans for roadworks! The M3 northbound from Lightwater is now apparently clear of "roadworks" after nearly a year and it is not possible to see what has been achieved in that time while driving past.

  ronalddonald 10:05 11 Mar 2010

wonder if its a faulty camera, might be possible since anything can be tweaked in way to show dishonest findings.

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