M and S underwear...just pants?

  anskyber 14:29 21 Jan 2008

Mr Paxman it seems has concerns. click here

I think we may need to exercise a little care with our responses here but perhaps this amusing item could pose a more general question about the quality of goods (not M and S specific) available from our shops. This could be in Consumerwatch but I posted here as a chance for less direct comments.

  Clapton is God 14:30 21 Jan 2008

The words "well" and "hung" spring to mind. ;-))

  €dstowe 14:34 21 Jan 2008

The thing that concerns me about this affair is why does Paxman get an audience with the Chief Executive of M&S when anyone else making a complaint gets a minion from the Customer service department? Are Paxman's parts more important than us mere mortals?

  Clapton is God 14:37 21 Jan 2008

"Are Paxman's parts more important than us mere mortals?"

I doubt it.

But no doubt the Chief Exec of M & S realised that Paxman was much better placed than most of us to broadcast his concerns to the nation, if necessary.

Hence the Chief Exec jumped.

  €dstowe 14:43 21 Jan 2008

I think there was something of a Freudian slip there. My intention was for it to read Paxman's pants but it came through, well, as you see.

(I'll try not to read anything into Freud's slips).

  Stuartli 15:12 21 Jan 2008

An under cover story?

  Quickbeam 15:31 21 Jan 2008


  Earthsea 15:37 21 Jan 2008

Never understood these 'underpants' things. I'll stick with my codpiece.

  interzone55 15:53 21 Jan 2008

To be honest, I buy my undies & socks from Primark, incredibly cheap, and they provide an excellent level of support.

I also don't experience any problems with toenails breaking through my socks.

  Clapton is God 16:02 21 Jan 2008

I think we need the opinion of a Royal Marine on this.

They usually go Commando, don't they?

  oresome 16:21 21 Jan 2008

I support Paxman over this and hope he takes them to the cleaners and hangs them out to dry.

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