Lyric Identification No 8

  crosstrainer 23:41 13 Sep 2008

"......cause a commotion when you come to town..."

  Si_L 23:46 13 Sep 2008


  Si_L 23:47 13 Sep 2008

I pretty sure someone else on this forum knows that one too :)

  crosstrainer 23:48 13 Sep 2008

You know the rules.

  Si_L 23:49 13 Sep 2008

What rules? Song name as well?


  crosstrainer 23:57 13 Sep 2008

Well done. I'm depressed now, any thoughts on how this could be made a little more challenging?

  Si_L 00:08 14 Sep 2008

Make it an anagram too?

A Ceca Technetiums Mono Mouton Woo Yow?

  Si_L 00:09 14 Sep 2008

Or less popular artists perhaps.

  crosstrainer 00:12 14 Sep 2008

I have a huge collection of music, but it can all be Googled, and you can't add "No Google" to the rules...

Anagrams..No, maybe it's just a non starter.

Will think over the coming week.

All ideas welcome!

  Si_L 00:14 14 Sep 2008

Or jumble the words maybe, that would make cheating harder.

when town cause a you come commotion to

Problem is I just googled that and it still came up. I'm out of ideas.

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