Lyric Identifation No 2

  crosstrainer 18:10 30 Aug 2008

....." And when your sitting there, in your easy chair"

  crosstrainer 18:26 30 Aug 2008

You have no chance at all next week :))

  GRIDD 18:27 30 Aug 2008

Artist: Gil Grand
Song: Lets Start Livin

  crosstrainer 19:16 30 Aug 2008

Totally and utterly wrong :))

  crosstrainer 20:20 30 Aug 2008

Except, it is rather JR Hartly.

  Bingalau 20:39 30 Aug 2008

Gone Fishin' Louis Armstrong

  crosstrainer 20:43 30 Aug 2008

If I could devise a map of some sort, your guess would be due South, and the answer would be...

Due North.

It's a Flip side of an old 45, but was included on an LP by the Artistes'

  crosstrainer 20:48 30 Aug 2008


The Lyric, continues with "I'll be in my basement room"

  gardener 21:07 30 Aug 2008

Nearest I can get is Rolling Stones 'Dead Flowers'.

  crosstrainer 21:09 30 Aug 2008

............ can you expand on it a bit?

  gardener 21:11 30 Aug 2008

errr..well Guns and Roses did a cover version.

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