Lyons cakes

  Strawballs 00:27 16 May 2010

Lyons cakes use one of the worlds first buisness computers

click here

  Quickbeam 00:45 16 May 2010

I like their chocolate cup cakes best...

  BT 08:12 16 May 2010

Read more about it

click here

  morddwyd 08:14 16 May 2010

Interesting link.


  jakimo 11:56 16 May 2010

Does anyone remember the Lyons Corner House in London,it used to be quite a treat to go there for a meal or just a snack,people used to stand and look in the windows a the chefs cooking on the griddle

  morddwyd 15:41 16 May 2010

"the Lyons Corner House in London,"

It wasn't a "the".

According to the link there were over 200 of them.

  rdave13 17:29 16 May 2010

Typical of the Brits. Brains to start something then money and someone to improve the system takes over.
Very interesting links.

  ams4127 21:11 16 May 2010

I went to a Lyons cafe way back in the '60s. I was wearing a sports coat and flannels and carrying a crash helmet having just stepped off my Norton.

I was told that motorcyclists were not served, and asked to leave.

That was in Barry, South Wales.

  Strawballs 21:15 16 May 2010

A group of us were asked to leave our crash helmets outside a pub in Surry back in the 80's and when we pointed out how much they cost and that we could not get home without them he just said "you better go then"

  Quickbeam 07:29 17 May 2010

I remember being asked to leave my helmet outside a country pub in the '70s, the pathetic reason given by the landlady was that they took up too much space. I then looked around the huge pub with less than 10 people in it and pointed to 2 elderly women with hand bags as big as the one that Oscar Wilde wrote about, and asked if she would like me to carry their bags out to the car park while I was at it... the matronly and sour faced landlady was even more stern and sour faced!

I do wonder how some businesses in rural areas ever made any money.

  jakimo 10:05 17 May 2010

As far as I was concerned the one in Piccadilly Circus in the late 1940s was a "The"

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