Lucky to be rescued from the sea today

  TopCat® 22:41 24 Dec 2012

A mother and her three children were very lucky to have survived after everyone ended up in the water. First the two boys went into it trying to bring their two dogs ashore. Then events got more serious as can be read here.

There seems to be a rise in the numbers of animal rescue attempts recently. Some of these have ended tragically where water was involved, especially during the winter period. As a animal lover myself I would initially want to attempt a rescue but then, taking everything into consideration, common sense should have prevailed here. Do you agree? TC.

  rdave13 23:26 24 Dec 2012

I certainly do. There should be more advice given in schools about this sort of thing and also the parents should try to educate of the dangers of the sea. The outcome could have been a lot worse. It's difficult as the children usually hold their pets very dearly.

  spuds 23:51 24 Dec 2012

"taking everything into consideration, common sense should have prevailed here"

And that's the main problem, in a case of sudden emergency or possibly risk of life, common sense usually comes second place. Its only after the event the scene becomes a reality.

I don't know if you can recall the incident about two years ago, when either two police officer's or PCSO's were instructed not to try a rescue of someone drowning. That brought headline news, and I bet that the people involved still to this day have deeply regretted that event.

How many times do your hear about people going into an house on fire, so as to do a rescue attempt, especially if children are possibly involved?.

Usually after those type of attempts, the same is possibly stated "anybody would have done the same"?.

  TopCat® 11:56 25 Dec 2012

I know that stretch of beach quite well having spent many hours fishing from there. During the summer and fine weather the beach edge is allowed to build up to where it is a fairly gentle slope down to the sea.

During the winter and occasionally stormy summer periods, that scenario can change quite dramatically. In many places along it's length, just a couple of steps could takes someone in to deep water because the sea has scoured the coarse sand away. How severe this erosion is depends largely on wind speeds and direction, plus the effects of rough sea conditions not so far offshore.

I don't know if the animals came ashore unaided or if the people were local or not, but local radio states that after their ordeal all four are recovering well in hospital. They were very lucky indeed to survive it. TC.

  wiz-king 18:55 26 Dec 2012

Some are not so lucky.

  Chegs ®™ 06:55 27 Dec 2012

I used to live right on the seafront and if every event such as this made the papers,there'd be no room for any other news.Upto a dozen per day would be knocked off their feet by a large wave or slip on the steeply sloping well worn slipway trying to control the dog which had run straight into the water and appeared to be in trouble,only to swim ashore on the beach and only require assistance to get off the beach back onto the promenade as it was upto 6ft high in places.I even watched the "rescue" team try to recover the rescue boat from the water as the event they'd been requested to attend had finished and as the tide had risen,the water had got very large waves crashing onto the slipway.The large 4x4 with the trailer to carry the boat had reversed down the slipway and the 2 men had managed to get the winch cable attached to the boat and proceeded to winch the boat aboard the trailer when a huge wave slammed the boat into the 4x4 and as the water receeded,it dragged the 4x4 down the slipway where successive waves proceeded to smash the boat/4x4 into the slipway/groynes.The 2 men got a second 4x4 from the nearby carpark,and after about half an hour of struggling,got a cable attached to the now badly damaged boat/4x4 and pulled them onto the slipway & eventually up onto the promenade(where it remained until the following day when a recovery truck arrived,loaded it on the back and removed it)Both men were attended to by Paramedics for cuts/bruises and given a pretty stern talking to by an RNLI volunteer from the nearby station.Apparently,the rescue craft was from Windermere Lake and not really suitable as a sea rescue craft.Fortunately,there were no fatalities during the 2 or 3 years I lived there but I noticed that most of those knocked into the water were elderly and I would've thought that being elderly they'd have enough sense to stay clear of the obvious danger.

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