Luca Stricagnoli guitarist. You Tube.

  rdave13 23:37 09 Jun 2018

The gift this man has is mind boggling.

click here.

  Quickbeam 06:22 10 Jun 2018

There aren't many car with such impressive front aspects as the MKll Jaguar and AC Cobra:-)

  Cymro. 09:35 10 Jun 2018

Just like the cars behind him a bit of a flash showoff I think

  hastelloy 09:50 10 Jun 2018

I thought this was going to be just 1 of those threads about a "brilliant" guitarist who turned out to be just good but no - this man is incredible.

If you like great guitarists also try Kaki King or Tommy Emmanuel.

  Forum Editor 10:16 10 Jun 2018

Of course he is a great guitarist, but far too gimmicky for my taste.

There are lots of guitar players who could do exactly the same thing, but there isn't really a big market for that kind of playing style - it isn't what true guitar music is all about.

  Forum Editor 10:53 10 Jun 2018

A good example of what I meant in my earlier post is Gabriella Quevedo, a guitarist who Tommy Emmanuel reckons is one of the best in the world when it comes to making a very difficult thing seem simple. Her playing style is breathtaking.... in my opinion.

  rdave13 11:15 10 Jun 2018

As a non player of instruments and can just about whistle a tune I though his performance and music was jaw dropping. I've also enjoyed the links supplied by hastelloy and FE.

  Pine Man 15:12 10 Jun 2018

Interesting version of a 'guitar' but not really my sort of music. Give me Andre Segovia or John Williams any time on a 'real' guitar.

  Quickbeam 16:16 10 Jun 2018

Don't the many electric players count as real players by playing electric instruments then...?

  hastelloy 17:07 10 Jun 2018

FE - I hadn't come across her before but agree with you.

Quickbeam - In my book it's not whether the guitar is electric or not. Your link shows a very talented player but I wouldn't class him as great as he doesn't use fingers and thumb of his right hand as well as his left and therefore sticks to single notes and chords rather than playing bass, melody and rhythm at the same time.

  hastelloy 17:17 10 Jun 2018

Or if you want something truly inspirational try href Melendes. Ignore the religious context and watch at least the first 50 seconds.

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