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Low voltage AC to DC converter

  Toneman 09:55 02 Feb 2010

I would like to run crossing lights on my railway layout using the 15 volt AC supply to the track, but need to convert it to 9 volts DC. Haven't been able to find a simple circuit, and wonder if any of you hams can point me in the right direction. I presume that all I need is a simple full wave rectifier circuit, don't think stabilised voltage is necesary. Thanks in anticipation.

  Toneman 10:37 02 Feb 2010

Thanks for your very quick reply. I had intended to use a voltage dropping resistor to get the voltage I need. What sort of diodes should I use, don't think a very large current is needed.

  Toneman 13:20 02 Feb 2010

Thanks. I wasn't sufficiently explicit. I need the 9 volts DC to operate a (home made) PCB to work amber and then flashing red lights on the level crossing. At present I'm using a 9 volt battery but keep forgetting to switch it off!

  Toneman 15:47 02 Feb 2010

Many thanks for your explicit info, which I think I have digested. On the basis that there is always more than one way to skin a cat, I have searched through the family's discards and found an old mains battery eliminator giving 9 volts which appears to do the job. I shall have to extend the low voltage lead and accept yet one more item in the mains sockets. However, this seems to be the simple answer to my problem. I have saved your info for further consideration if I decide to give it a try. I know about series resistors for LEDs, the crossing lights connect straight on to the PCB (I think), but if I go on to carriage or platform lighting I shall bear this in mind. Again, many thanks.

  Toneman 16:11 02 Feb 2010

Thanks, I shall certainly give your suggestion some consideration...I quite like dabbling with circuits and PCBs - well, copper clad boards...

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