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Low pressure water only in bath

  flycatcher1 22:38 05 Jun 2014

A friend has had a combi system fitted in his bungalow since then the water pressure is the bath is very low. All other taps over wash basins and the sink are fine. The problem has only happened post combi. His plumber says that nothing can be done - I doubt this and would appreciate any ideas on the subject.

  bumpkin 15:27 06 Jun 2014

Fruit Bat, I think you misunderstood me, I was replying to Jock1e who has a back boiler.

  Aitchbee 20:51 06 Jun 2014

This little bird seems happy enough with it's bathing arrangements.

click here

  bumpkin 21:18 06 Jun 2014

Aitchbee, this bird clearly prefers an open system:-)

  bumpkin 22:26 06 Jun 2014

BRYNIT, The pressure from the cold tap will always be greater than the hot as it is direct from the mains

The hot is also fed from the mains so the PRESSURE TO the tap will be the same until you open it.

  flycatcher1 22:53 06 Jun 2014

I have managed to contact my friend, he works every possible hour, and have gleaned some info.

The unit is a Main Eco Combi either an 25 or a 30 . Not sure cannot find any detail on the boiler. Two very small rads,three medium and one large. Over the bath, if the cold tap is put full on there is no flow from from the hot and vice versa.

I have pushed the idea of a power shower - luke warm response. Hope that this helps.

  bumpkin 23:02 06 Jun 2014

rdave, there are regulations (not laws) regarding water temperatures usually applied to nursing homes or other similar institutions where the would be user may not be able to assess the situation.

With my super honed senses I can tell within seconds if water is scalding hot :-))

  BRYNIT 01:07 07 Jun 2014


I did say "The only way the pressure will be the same is if the water pressure is low to start with".

Hot is not fed from the mains Cold water from the mains if fed to the boiler, the boiler reduces the flow to allow it to heat the water before going to the hot tap. Even my boiler that supplies 13.3 l/min is slower from the hot tap than the cold water tap.


After looking at the specs for the Main Eco combi 25 and 30 you should have a hot water flow rate of 10 or 12.5 litres/min which should be enough. If I have no flow through the hot tap when the cold was turn on full I would be concerned and need to know why as this would indicate low water pressure. Have you checked the stop tap has been fully opened.

With the water flow you have you would have to fit an electric power showers. But I would have thought you would have had enough water flow from your hot water pipe to allowing for a standard shower.

  flycatcher1 11:04 07 Jun 2014

BRYNIT Thanks for your input.

The stopcock is fully open and, incidentally, there has never been a low water pressure problem in his part of the village. The Boiler is confirmed as a 30.

Talking to him today, heavy rain - cannot garden, he tells me that he fills the bath so that when he gets in the water level is just below the overflow ! This maybe the reason for the slow fill if nothing else. He is going to carry out accurate timing tonight.

I am still pushing him to get a shower.

  woodchip 19:52 07 Jun 2014

Two things he as Low water Pressure, and with a combi the boiler may be too small and its the furthest away from boiler. He may be able to improve matters by fitting a extra high pressure pump to the system if the supply will supply the extra water on demand

  bumpkin 21:39 07 Jun 2014

You cant use a pump on a combi or the mains

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