Low flying Aircraft over london

  Covergirl 19:41 29 Sep 2011

Amazing snap by the Google Earth satellite. This plane looks slightly low - zoom out to see where it is at.

  Covergirl 19:42 29 Sep 2011

Sorry, you'll have to switch labels on

  Aitchbee 19:49 29 Sep 2011

I have not looked, but I get your jist, Covergirl.

  Forum Editor 22:54 29 Sep 2011

It's on it's final approach into Heathrow - you fly right across the London eye at a fairly low altitude, and can clearly see the cars on the bridges over the Thames.

I'll be doing it at 5:45 in the morning in about eight days time.

  spuds 13:21 30 Sep 2011

I don't know about London, but where I live we have easy access to three major airports and a number of civilian ones. Above our home there always seems to be low flying aircraft of varied shapes and sizes at various slots in the day. Looking at the sky patterns, you often wonder if the aircraft behind is following the one in front!.

We did have an incident a number of years ago, when people found their property and ponds with a covering of a 'oily like' fluid droplets early one morning. Suspicions were laid on an above aircraft, but the final answer was never released, and is now a forgotten event of the past!.

  Toneman 14:00 30 Sep 2011

Think here in the south-west they follow the M5...

  interzone55 14:04 30 Sep 2011

We don't get many airliners over these parts, but I just had a eurofighter fly over head at low altitude and incredible speed, we often have them fly over, not sure where they're going but it can't be far away, I've tried looking on Google Earth but the only nearby RAF base showing is in Northumberland but that's in the wrong direction.

  onthelimit1 15:25 30 Sep 2011

'where they're going but it can't be far away'

Could be a long way away!

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